Write Better with These Top 15 AI Writing Chrome Extensions in 2023

October 10, 2022

Top AI Writing Chrome Extensions

The rise of AI-powered tools in the writing industry has been inevitable.

With the ever-growing popularity of online content, the need for well-written articles is higher than ever before. 

However, with the increasing demand comes the need for more writers. 

This is where AI-powered writing tools come in. 

And now, AI-powered writing tools are coming up as AI writing chrome extensions to allow you access to the tool anywhere and anytime. This is exceptionally convenient for users. 

With these AI writing chrome extensions, writers can create well-written articles without too much effort. 

You need to select relevant text or input a few keywords, and the AI tool will do the rest. This not only saves time but also ensures that the articles are error-free.

This blog offers a compilation of some of the best Chrome extensions for AI writing that will streamline the process of writing your content.

1. LongShot AI Chrome Extension

Are you tired of having to edit the content on web pages manually? 

With the LongShot AI Chrome Extension, that's all in the past! 

This handy Google chrome extension lets you quickly add text to your content with a few clicks without losing context while inserting text. 

But that's not all. Here are some features that make the LongShot Chrome extension one of the best in the market.

LongShot AI Chrome Extension Features

  • Long-Rephraser - This feature allows you to rephrase hundreds of words on any website from your browser. 
  • Joom-In Text - This feature enables you to insert text between two sentences or words without losing context. This feature is unique because it considers the prefixes and suffixes of selected content in context. Filling in any gaps in content does not compromise the flow of content, making it perfect for refreshing older content pieces.
  • Joom-Out Text - This feature allows you to summarize selected paragraph(s) up to 3000 characters.
  • Tone - This feature allows you to adjust the content tone to your liking by trying different styles, such as optimistic, angry, or humorous. You can quickly change the tone of your content from serious to casual or anywhere in between. 

Whether you're writing an article for your blog, creating a presentation, or simply writing a message to your friends, this extension will save you time and hassle.

The LongShot AI Chrome Extension is highly versatile and works with any web page making it an excellent tool for keeping your writing consistent while it makes your life a whole lot easier!

LongShot AI Chrome Extension Pricing

The LongShot AI chrome extension is 100% free to use for all. You needn't necessarily subscribe to a paid plan to use this extension. You can do so with the free plan.

2. Scalenut Chrome Extension

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to create insightful and engaging content, the Scalenut Chrome extension is a good start. 

With its powerful AI assistant, you can write excellent, plagiarism-free content at lightning speed. Plus, with its one-click content creation feature, you can quickly write about anything and everything, saving you valuable time and increasing productivity.

Here are some features of the Scalenut Chrome extension:

Scalenut Chrome Extension Features

  • Templates - With 'Templates,' you can quickly create emails, social media post content, reviews, Google Ads content, and even answer questions.
  • Rephrase - Rewrite your sentence and never settle for an underwhelming copy anymore.
  • Command - Elaborate your selected words or sentences.
  • Complete - Never get writer's block; use 'Complete' to complete your sentences.
  • Simplify - Transform long and complex sentences into easy-to-read ones.

Scalenut Chrome Extension Pricing

The Scalenut chrome extension is free to use.

3. Writecream Chrome Extension

The Writecream Chrome Extension can help you blog directly in WordPress, Blogger, Google Docs, Grammarly, or any other online text editor. 

Powered by AI, Writecream can help you improve your content writing skills and produce articles faster and more efficiently. 

Here are some features of the Writecream Chrome extension:

Writecream Chrome Extension Features

  • Create blog content
  • Generate ad copies
  • Make voiceovers
  • Produce product descriptions for eCommerce.
  • 35+ writing tools are included to help you automate your writing.
  • Over 70 languages are supported.

Writecream Chrome Extension Pricing

Writecream chrome extension offers 20 free credits under the free plan to generate content. 

If you want to use it further, you can sign up for any of their paid plans.

  • Unlimited Plan - $29/month
  • Standard Plan - $49/month
  • Extended Plan - $69/month

4. AISEO Chrome Extension

Copywriting is essential for any business but can be time-consuming and difficult. 

AISEO's advanced AI writer chrome extension can paraphrase content quickly and easily and create engaging and unique content with just a few clicks. 

With the seven powerful modes, you'll be able to adapt your content to any situation, and the wide range of options will let you create the perfect content for your needs.

Here are some features of the AISEO Chrome extension:

AISEO Chrome Extension Features

  • Command - Instruct AI to write about whatever topic you choose.
  • Rewrite - Paraphrase the selected text.
  • Shorten - Make any complex sentence shorter.
  • Expand - Make any selected sentence longer.
  • Formal - Make any sentence sound more formal.
  • Creative - Paraphrase your text with the most creativity and expressiveness.
  • Complete - Let the AI finish what you've already started.

AISEO Chrome Extension Pricing

The AISEO chrome extension is available free of cost.

5. Rytr Chrome Extension

Are you tired of struggling to create high-quality content? Do you wish there was an easier way to produce stunning copy? 

Well, now there is! Rytr is a new AI copywriting chrome extension that can help you create unique content in just a few seconds.

With this AI writer chrome extension, it's never been easier to create a stunning copy — whether you're working on Gmail, Facebook, or WordPress, Rytr will save you time and ensure your content is always up to snuff!

Here are some features of the Rytr Chrome extension:

Rytr Chrome Extension Features

  • Access more than 30 use cases and templates.
  • Supports more than 30 languages and 20 tones.
  • Compose sales and marketing emails that stimulate replies.
  • Discover blog ideas and write compelling blog content.
  • Generate unique and engaging social media content.
  • Compose product, job, profile, and video descriptions.
  • Create captivating captions for Instagram posts.

Rytr Chrome Extension Pricing

Generating content using the Rytr chrome extension is free of cost.

6. Compose AI Chrome Extension

Compose AI is a free AI writing Chrome extension that accelerates your writing, lets you use auto-complete anywhere, and will decrease your time spent typing. 

It allows you to rephrase your sentences  and draft entire emails from a few bullets. 

Compose AI is a holistic, AI-first writing solution that helps you save time by streamlining your writing process.

Here are some features of the Compose AI Chrome extension:

Compose AI Chrome Extension Features

  • Autocomplete sentences across multiple websites.
  • Compose longer sentences from small phrases.
  • Rephrase sentences or paragraphs to make them sound friendlier and more professional.

Compose AI Chrome Extension Pricing

Compose AI is entirely free to use.

7. HyperWrite Chrome Extension

HyperWrite is the perfect writing assistant for anyone who wants to generate content and get AI writing suggestions. 

With its advanced AI algorithms, HyperWrite can help you write better and faster than ever. Whether you're entirely out of ideas or need a little help getting started, HyperWrite is always there to give you the boost you need to get your writing done.

Here are some features of the HyperWrite Chrome extension:

HyperWrite Chrome Extension Features

  • It enables you to write 10x faster.
  • Autocomplete your thoughts.
  • Get helpful AI-powered suggestions across the web.
  • Beat writer's block.

HyperWrite Chrome Extension Pricing

HyperWrite is a free AI writer chrome extension.

8. ContentBot AI Writer Chrome Extension

If you're looking for a way to make writing easier, look no further than ContentBot. This AI-powered chrome extension can help you generate long-form content in a flash. 

Edit and fact-check your content before publishing it. 

With ContentBot, you'll have the most advanced AI writing for you in no time.

Here are some features of the ContentBot AI Writer Chrome extension:

ContentBot AI Writer Chrome Extension Features

  • Start generating several types of content within just 30 seconds by simply inputting a few input fields.
  • 35+ fine-tuned AI tools at your fingertips.
  • Say goodbye to writer's block.

ContentBot AI Writer Chrome Extension Pricing

ContentBot AI Writer chrome extension offers 2000 free words.

9. CopyAI Chrome Extension

If you're looking for a way to create outstanding ad copy quickly and easily, you must check out CopyAI. This powerful AI writing chrome extension can deliver premium results in seconds, so you'll never have to waste time on tedious research or laborious writing again. 

Describe your product, and CopyAI will take care of the rest. It's the perfect solution for any brand that wants to create highly engaging ads.

Here are some features of the Copy AI Chrome extension:

Copy AI Chrome Extension Features

  • Generate optimized blog content in a fraction of a second.
  • Streamline content creation by employing more than 90 tools and templates.
  • With a few clicks, generate high-converting copy for all of your marketing campaigns.

Copy AI Chrome Extension Pricing

The CopyAI chrome extension is freely available.

10. Frase Chrome Extension

If you're a marketer who is always on the go, the Frase Article Summarizer chrome extension is a must-have. 

With this extension, you can quickly get a snapshot and outline of a web page to summarize articles on the fly. 

This is a great way to increase your research productivity, as you can easily read news and blogs while on the go.

Here are some features of the Frase Chrome extension:

Frase Chrome Extension Features

  • Summarize the whole article in just one click.
  • Boost your research productivity.

Frase Chrome Extension Pricing

Frase - Article Summarizer chrome extension is 100% free to use.

11. Copysmith Chrome Extension

Copysmith is an AI-based copywriting chrome extension that assists online retailers, agencies, copywriters, and marketing teams of all sizes to create more content in less time. 

Your team can create interesting product descriptions, digital advertisements, headlines, emails, social media content, and more with a button's click.

Here are some features of the Copysmith Chrome extension:

Copysmith Chrome Extension Features

  • Create eye-catching advertisements and tailored emails that will keep your audience interested.
  • Produce effective product descriptions for any eCommerce platform.
  • Rewrite and improve your existing copy and content in seconds.
  • You can now spend less time generating and launching outstanding content on any browser-based platform.

Copysmith Chrome Extension Pricing

You can avail Copysmith chrome extension for free under a 4-day free trial. 

Further, the user needs to buy any paid plan from Copysmith to use the extension. 

Here are the paid plans of Copysmith:

  • Starter Plan - $19/month
  • Professional Plan - $59/month
  • Enterprise Plan - Custom pricing

12. Smart Copy Chrome Extension

Smart Copy can be your solution if you're struggling to produce high-quality copy that engages customers. 

It's an easy way to develop ideas, make improvements and write content that will capture your audience's attention.

Smart Copy allows you to brainstorm, iterate, and generate original, high-quality, compelling professional copy for your company, website, or blog. 

Here are some features of the Smart Copy Chrome extension:

Smart Copy Chrome Extension Features

  • Expand - Turn any heading into a whole paragraph.
  • Summarize - Get quick information from big chunks of content.
  • Remix - Get alternative ways to rephrase your text.
  • Next Sentence - Get the Next Sentence that fits best with the copy.

Smart Copy Chrome Extension Pricing

Smart Copy chrome extension offers ten free credits under the free plan. 

You must sign up for any paid plan from Smart Copy for further use.

  • Essential Plan - $9/month
  • Unlimited Plan - $49/month

13. Inksprout Chrome Extension

Need a caption for your social media post but don't have the time to write one yourself? Inksprout has you covered. 

With this AI-writing chrome extension, you can compose a clear, trustworthy caption in just a few minutes. 

Not only will this provide value to your followers, but it will also increase engagement on your post. 

Here are some features of the Inksprout Chrome extension:

Inksprout Chrome Extension Features

  • Deliver expressive messages to the audience.
  • Create a superb post using prompt suggestions and your own personalization.
  • With the AI summary and rewrite assistant, you can create a post that catches your network's attention and expands your reach.
  • Schedulers like Hootsuite, SocialBee, and Publer, as well as native platforms like LinkedIn, are supported.

Inksprout Chrome Extension Pricing

Inksprout is freely available online for chrome users.

14. Typli.ai Chrome Extension

Typli is a Chrome Extension that helps you express yourself better and simplify the optimization of your content for search engines. 

It makes it easy for you to write personal emails, create blog posts for your blog, write documents for your clients, and prepare product descriptions for your work.

When you use Typli, you get all of the benefits of a great Chrome Extension with the added bonus of increased traffic and better rankings.

Here are some features of the Typri Chrome extension:

Typli.ai Chrome Extension Features

  • Create plagiarism-free content in a matter of seconds.
  • Make it SEO-friendly.
  • Customize the number of words you want to have.
  • Produce high-quality, organized content that sounds more fluent and creative.

Typli Chrome Extension Pricing

The Typli chrome extension offers seven days trial with 1000 free credits. To use it further, you can buy the paid plan, which costs $29 per month or $290 when paid annually.

15. BundleIQ Chrome Extension

Looking for a research and writing assistant that will help you make sense of a lot of information quickly and easily? Look no further than bundleIQ.

This chrome extension uses artificial intelligence to connect you to valuable insights as you work. Whether you're browsing the web, composing emails, or taking notes, bundleIQ makes it easy to find and use valuable facts to create better, more informed content.

What's more, bundleIQ doesn't just provide you with valuable information. It also provides you with helpful tips and instructions to take advantage of all the insights it offers. 

Here are some features of the BundleIQ Chrome extension:

BundleIQ Chrome Extension Features

  • AI-powered Writing Assistance
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Advanced Web Clipper
  • AI-powered Search
  • Information Recall

BundleIQ Chrome Extension Pricing

The BundleIQ Chrome Extension offers a 14-day free trial. To continue using the chrome extension, you need to purchase a paid plan of bundleIQ. 

Here are the pricing plans:

  • Individual Plan - $9.99/month
  • Business Plan - $14.99/month


If you're looking for ways to improve your writing, you can explore AI-powered Chrome extensions are a great place to start. 

Each of these AI writing extensions can help you with different aspects of the writing process, from coming up with ideas to checking for grammar mistakes. 

So give them a try and see which ones work best for you.