AI writing assistant to create long form, SEO content

Go from the idea to research to generation to SEO in minutes with LongShot AI writing assistant. The AI writer to ensure unique, fresh, fact-checked, SEO-friendly content.

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How can LongShot help?

All in One Tool from Research to SEO

Keyword research can be a pain, but LongShot makes it a breeze. Enter your topic, and the AI will suggest relevant keywords, subheadlines, and questions from top blogs to help you generate content. It'll also 10x your ranking by semantic SEO.

Semantic SEO score- know how well your content works
Keywords clusters
Popular keywords, subheadings from the web
Advanced search based on the country, language

Send Writer's Block on Vacation

The feeling of staring at the screen blankly is not a pleasant one. LongShot allows you to come up with new content ideas constantly. If you're stuck somewhere, the AI is just around the corner to assist.

Blogs, Articles, Books, Web copy, Ads, Sales Emails
Fact-checker and Claim detection
Plagiarism checker
Multiple unique niches

Complete your First Draft in Minutes

By creating a 1000-word blog for your niche, the AI enables you to save 2-4 hours potentially. Simply instruct the AI to research, generate, and optimize your article.

Blog Wizard
Headline generation
Outline generation
Meta description and Summary generator

Collaborate with Your Team on Content Pieces

Tired of dropping emails and messages to find out the content status? Take a look for yourself, or collaborate with your teammates in real-time, just like in Google Docs.

Team mode
Independent project management
Analyze statistics

Words written by AI


Topics researched


Blogs written


Hours saved daily

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A robust set of features

LongShot AI's 30+ features allow you to create high-quality content

LongShot Niche Selection

Niche Selection

Generate personalized blog content using 15 unique niche categories

LongShot Blog Wizard

Blog Wizard

Create high-quality search-optimized content for your blog in 5 steps

LongShot Languages


Generate personalized content in 10 different languages

LongShot Semantic SEO

Semantic SEO

10X your SERP ranking by generating content that the users are searching

LongShot Fact Check

Fact Check

Ensure the content you generate is factually accurate

LongShot Long Rephraser

Long Rephraser

AI rephrases the content but keeps the content's soul intact.

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Featured Integrations

When we say we want to be the most comprehensive long-form AI writer, we mean every word of it...

WordPress LongShot integration

Use LongShot's WordPress plugin to generate content inside the WP editor, or export AI-generated content directly on your WordPress blog using Zapier (or a similar integration tool).

Learn More
Semrush LongShot integration

Generate high-quality search-optimized content that ranks using LongShot.

Learn More
 LongShot Chrome plugin
Chrome Extension

Rephrase, Summarize, Expand, and Customize content tone on any web page using the LongShot Chrome extension.

Learn More
Hubspot LongShot integration
Hubspot (Coming Soon)

Publish AI-generated content on the Hubspot CMS directly by integrating it with LongShot.

Learn More
Blog Wizard

Create your blog in 5 simple steps

LongShot Blog Wizard- Research

Step 1: Research

Research topic based on the country and language to generate research data

LongShot Blog Wizard-Headline

Step 2: Headline

Generate high-quality headlines at the click of a button

LongShot Blog Wizard-Outline

Step 3: Outline

Generate blog outline using AI or top SERP headline suggestions

LongShot Blog Wizard-Niche selection

Step 4: Niche

Choose from 15 niche categories to generate personalized content

LongShot Blog Wizard-Editor

Step 5: Editor

Use AI to create high-quality content using standalone and in-editor features

Designed for all teams and sizes

Use Cases
LongShot Target audience- Founders


Content creation made so efficient and effortless that you can focus on other essential business functions while we handle the blogs.

LongShot Target audience- Marketing teams and agencies

Marketing Teams & Agencies

Create an online presence with well-written search-optimized long-form content by leveraging the most advanced AI at just a fraction of the cost.

Marketing teams
LongShot Target audience- Content writers and editors

Content Writers & Editors

Overcome writer's block by creating content briefs quickly. Improve, hone, rewrite, and expand your articles using delicious AI recipes.

content writers and editors

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