What Are AI Writers And How Do They Work?

March 2, 2022

what are ai writers and how intelligent are they

Artificial intelligence has been around for a while, and in today's fast-paced world, it has made its way into various businesses. In fact, 37% of companies use AI in some manner. 

Almost every industry is adopting AI content writing tools as the demand for content marketing increases. For good measure...

Artificial intelligence is currently capable of producing a significant volume of content, and its capabilities are expanding by the day. 

Though these AI writers are new to the scene, their popularity is increasing by the day due to the benefits they offer.

But there are always two sides to a coin. 

Many professional writers have strong opinions about these AI writers, while others are more accepting of them. 

This blog aims to provide a deeper understanding of AI writers. In addition, we will also discuss its prospects and potential impact on all the stakeholders. 

So, let's get started!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Simply put, it refers to machines' ability to mimic human capabilities such as reasoning, learning, and planning. The purpose is to complete tasks and gradually enhance operations depending on the data collected. This concept is only applicable to machine learning and deep learning. However, AI is a much broader paradigm.

The fact is that artificial intelligence-based solutions are all around us, and we probably don't even realize it. Let me give you an example.

You know how when you're browsing through Netflix, it recommends more movies based on your preferences? That's no magic. The learning systems examine and collect your behavior in the form of data. That information is then used to detect interests and recommend movies that are likely to suit your taste.

The same principles apply to Spotify; the application suggests music names and artists based on tracks already played. 

AI is everywhere. 

Now let's look at one of the newest AI techs in the market, AI writers.

Examples of AI in Content Writing

Using AI has become popular among large publishers with a secure market position. Let's look at 3 AI journalists from some of the most popular companies that are leveraging the powers of AI in content creation:

  • Forbes

Bertie, an AI-powered CMS (Content Management System), has been released by Forbes. It's an artificially intelligent publishing platform built exclusively for in-house newsrooms, expert contributor networks, and partners. It offers all of these folks real-time trending topics to cover, as well as suggestions on how to make headlines more interesting and relevant images. 

  • The Washington Post

Heliograf, an in-house automated storytelling system designed for hyperlocal coverage, was unveiled. It can produce complete articles from quantitative data, allowing them to cover all high school football games in the Washington, D.C. region every week. The Washington Post will be able to cover every game for which they have statistics, and fans will have near-instant coverage to read.

  • Bloomberg

They use a solution known as Cyborg. It helps in the generation and management of content. After each quarter, it can create thousands of articles regarding corporate earnings reports. Cyborg is designed to recognize and extract all of its critical numbers rapidly.

What is an AI Writer?

AI writing is a process that employs artificial intelligence to assist in the creation of written content, as well as to improve the written content. The written content can be anything from blog posts and articles to social media posts.

All you need to do is give the AI a prompt or some description for context, and then we let the AI do its magic.

The AI writers are designed to generate large amounts of content that sound professional and will not take away time from the owner or creator of a business. Nevertheless, there is controversy surrounding these AI-writers, as readers cannot tell whether a human or a computer program created that content.

While some people believe that AI algorithms generate content too efficiently, others question the quality of the generated content. In reality, these tools are changing the way content is published around the globe.

Best AI Writing Software

There are many different perspectives on which one is the best AI content writing tool. 

Different AI content generators have different specialties, and you'll have to choose the best AI writer depending on your content needs. 

Following are some of the most well-known AI-based writing tools available in the market to assist you with your writing.

Benefits of AI Writer

Here are some of the significant benefits that you can grab by using an AI writer:

  • Saves Time

One of the most important benefits of using an AI writer is saving a lot of time. AI writers can save anywhere between 2-4 hours on a 1000-word blog, depending on how long it takes you from research to creation. AI writers can offer major assistance in tasks associated with finding keyword ideas, blog outlines, headline ideas, fact-checking, etc.

  • Improves Productivity

The AI enables you to publish a lot of informative content in a short time. So, you can write more in less time.


  • Boosts SEO

Search engines prefer targeted, relevant, valuable, and keyword-rich content. That's where AI writers can assist. When you deploy an AI content generation tool, it will generate content based on the keywords and suggestions you provide. You can choose keywords from top-ranking SERP articles

  • Saves Money

Generating blogs is quite expensive, especially if you want high-quality content. If you're price sensitive, you can look at using an AI writer rather than outsourcing content or hiring for your team. You can subscribe to a monthly membership to an AI writer. This way, you are paying a minimal charge for a huge return.

We have only scratched the surface here; AI writing tools have many other benefits

Applications of AI Writers

Here are some of the most common applications or use cases of an AI writer:

  • Long-form content writing; generate blogs, articles, ebooks, etc.
  • Product Description; generate 
  • Marketing copies; generate sizzling marketing copies.
  • SEO optimization; create search engine-friendly content.
  • Content Summary; use an AI-powered writer to summarize the content
  • Social media content; generate short-form content.
  • Plagiarism check; ensure your content is unique.
  • Fact check; check the factual accuracy of the AI-generated content.
  • Text extension; AI completes text for you.
  • Blog outline creation; generate an outline for your content.
  • Blog headline; create headlines for your blog that readers click on.
  • Blog Intro; generate an engaging introduction to your content piece.
  • Content Rephrasing; paraphrase content.
  • Sales emails; send emails that convert.
  • Video description; create a description for your video.

These make only the tip of the iceberg. Now let's look at some of the best AI writers available in the market.

Things To Know About AI Writers

Here are a few things you need to know about AI writing tools. These include:

  • When it comes to AI, less is more. Though AI writing tools can generate content in one go, the quality of that content, in most cases, will be poor. The solution is to guide the AI through the content generation process. So, if you're writing a 1000-word blog, it's advisable to generate 100 words ten times rather than all in one go.
  • An AI writer is like wet clay. You can mold it however you want. What's important to know is that you control the quality of content AI can generate. The more context you share with AI, the better it can justify. 
  • You don't need to worry about AI generating duplicate content. The content generated using AI writers is unique in most cases. You can verify content for plagiarism concerns using a plagiarism checker.
  • You own all the content you generate using AI writers.
  • AI provides unbiased information. It generates all content on various topics and styles – without opinion – since it is factually based. 

How Does AI Writing Work?

The Open AI language model, GPT3, is the key to the success of AI content writers. Simply put, a language model is an algorithm that attempts to predict the next word in a sentence based on the words before it.

A large language model works by breaking a sentence into words and assigning probabilities to each word. The result is a list of potential words which could occur in the sentence. We calculate the likelihood of each of these words occurring at a particular point in a sentence.

What comes out, in the end, is the final sentence based on the best placement of the words in that sentence.

As a result, many people wonder if artificial intelligence truly understands what they are writing about?

How Does AI Writing Work

We can divide word prediction into two different styles to answer this question. The first is simple machine learning, and the second is deep learning.

Machine Learning

The first kind of AI involves machine learning, especially taxonomic machine learning, which uses different dataset categories, such as animals, fruits, and vegetables. The machine learning algorithms learn the names of these categories and which items belong to them. For example, the algorithm may realize that the word 'apple' belongs to the category' fruits.' Although machine learning of this kind is easy and intuitive, it does not understand the meaning or the context of the words it writes.

Deep Learning

On the other hand, deep learning trains algorithms to recognize words in context and understand their meaning. The algorithm may determine that 'apple' falls under the 'fruits' category, similar to an orange based on the text.

Language models can predict words in a sentence because they are trained to view the world from a text-based perspective. These language models use a considerable amount of ever-evolving data to generate content.

Now that you know about artificial intelligence, let's examine how it writes content for you.

When you provide your AI content generation software with the topic and keywords you want to target, it gathers data from millions of websites online. It then uses the knowledge of grammatical rules, sentence structure, and these other directives to create content for you based on your command of word limit, tone, format, etc.

Additionally, utilizing deep learning and natural language processing (NLP), the software copies the patterns of human brain function and ensures the written piece has a natural flow.

In a nutshell, the software utilizes algorithms to collect the data and then process and convert it for better presentation and a more enjoyable reading experience.

Next, we need to ask if the content generated by artificial intelligence is original.

Let's go one step further now that you better understand AI writing. How does AI fare against professional writers when generating authentic content? Are AI writers capable of replacing professional writers completely?

Will AI Writing Software Replace Professional Writers?

In a nutshell, the simple answer is no. And there's a logical reason for it too.

Despite AI being capable of creating content by gathering information from all over the web, it cannot engage in empathy, creativity, or emotions. Therein lies the difference.

In contrast, humans have a unique talent for telling stories. The ability to create and understand expressions is at the core of our passion for speaking and listening to stories.

That is where the professionals take the cake.

Role of AI Writers in the Workplace

Artificial intelligence can neither create nor understand expressions. There are several reasons for this, the main one being the inability to understand complex human emotions and thoughts. In the end, all AI can do is duplicate the data and do its best to process it for natural language flow.

Personalization is another key differentiating factor.

With experience, sometimes, you need to understand your topic well when creating content.

Consider a scenario where you write about your company's goals, needs, and brand. Understanding these elements will help you create tailored content for your audience. A machine, however, cannot compete with a professional writer in this area.

AI can certainly be used for scalability, but entirely relying on it could be detrimental to a company's long-term success.

So, how can you integrate AI writing tools with your work?

Instead of being scared that artificial intelligence may take over your job, use it to your advantage instead. Let the AI be your assistant if you're overwhelmed with work or facing writer's block. You can modify it to suit your needs and those of your readers. You have another writer at your disposal; use it to manage your work better.

So, now that you are aware of AI writers and how they work, how do you envision the future of content writing with AI tools integrated into it?

Future of AI Writing

AI writers have recently come into the picture. As you can see in the Google Trends image, things started gaining pace around mid-2021. With a lot of AI writing tools coming to the market around that time, serving the needs of its audience, you can witness where it all began.

History of AI writing

Talking about the future, AI will play an increasingly important role in writing in the upcoming years. Having said that, it is unrealistic to expect AI writers to write like Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, or J. R. R. Tolkein.

The introduction of AI writing has revolutionized the way writers create content. It has made it possible for more people to write, share and view content online. AI writers have improved most of their writing to produce error-free, easy-to-read, and interesting content.

Future of AI Writing

As AI content continues to grow, we can expect the following things to emerge concerning AI writers:

  • Better quality content with fewer errors
  • Quicker time to create content
  • Content that is more detailed and personalized
  • Content that is more ethical and environmentally friendly

Expect great things to happen.


AI writing is a powerful tool that can aid you in creating your content. To use it effectively, you must know how to use it.

Nowadays, brands are aware of the importance of good content. Quality is essential, but so is quantity, where AI writing tools excel.

One such exceptional AI writer that produces authentic long-form content is LongShot AI. When you use LongShot, you can save a ton of time and money which you can use on other business functions. So, wait not and sign up with LongShot right now.