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LongShot Content Rephraser

Content Rephraser

AI Rephrases the content but keeps the soul intact.

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LongShot FAQs Generator

FAQs Generator

AI breaks down your topic into a series of frequently asked questions.

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LongShot Headline Generator

Headline Generator

AI generates a variety of headlines for your topic.

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LongShot Blog Ideas Generator

Blog Ideas Generator

Out of blog ideas? AI generates cool ideas for your blog.

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LongShot Meta Description Generator

Meta Description Generator

AI creates a meta description for your blog.

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LongShot Text Extender

Text Extender

AI elaborates ideas by extending the text. Results might be surprising.

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LongShot Blog Insights Generator

Blog Insights Generator

AI analyzes the text to find its gist and suggests the relevant bits.

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LongShot Fact Checker

Fact Checker

AI checks the content for factual accuracy.

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LongShot Content claim detection

Content Claim Detection

AI detects any suspicious claims in the content.

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LongShot Headline intro generator

Headline Intro Generator

AI generates a headline introduction based on the information you provided.

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LongShot Product Description Generator

Product Description Generator

AI generates an exciting product description for your product.

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LongShot AIDA Copywriting Framework Generator

AIDA Copywriting Framework Generator

Grab your reader's attention with an AI-generated copy that sells using the AIDA Copywriting framework.

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LongShot BAB Copywriting Framework Generator

BAB Copywriting Framework Generator

Make your readers notice your AI-generated copy that sells using the BAB Copywriting framework.

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LongShot PAS Copywriting Framework Generator

PAS Copywriting Framework Generator

Take advantage of the PAS Copywriting Framework to generate AI-generated copy that sells.

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LongShot FAB Copywriting Framework Generator

FAB Copywriting Framework Generator

Create a sizzling AI-generated copy that sells using the FAB Copywriting framework.

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LongShot Content Readability improver

Content Readability Improver

AI makes your text so easy to read that even a 5-year-old can understand.

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LongShot video description generator

Video Description Generator

AI generates the perfect description for your video.

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LongShot Sales email generator

Sales Email Generator

AI boosts your sales by creating human-like emails.

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LongShot Paragraph generator

Paragraph Shredder

AI cuts down a long paragraph into a short and easily digestible one.

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LongShot Keywords to text generator

Keywords to Text Generator

AI generates text from your keyword inputs.

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LongShot Bullets to text generator

Bullets to Text Generator

AI transforms your bullet points into text.

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LongShot Personalized content generator

Personalized Content Generator

Write personalized content specific to your niche (15+ unique categories available).

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LongShot plagiarism checker

Plagiarism Checker

AI checks for any content plagiarism.

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LongShot write more feature

Write More

AI writes from cursor position based on the previous 100+ words to generate lots of content for you.

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LongShot Blog intro generator

Blog Intro Generator

AI generates an intro paragraph for the selected heading (H2-H4 tags).

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LongShot content expander

Content Expander

AI sees your selection and tries to complete your text.

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LongShot instruct AI prompt

Instruct AI Prompt

Instruct the AI to write as per your command.

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LongShot writer's block remover

Writer's Block Remover

AI removes any writer's block by generating content based on the AI suggestions or your input.

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LongShot synopsis generator

Synopsis Generator

AI scans the paragraph to generate a short summary of your content.

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LongShot summary generator

Summary Generator

AI generates the blog summary after you finish creating the content.

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LongShot bullet points generator

Bullet Points Generator

AI generates bullet points for your blog.

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LongShot semantic SEO generator

Semantic SEO Score Generator

AI generates a semantic SEO score for your content to check for improvements and suggestions.

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LongShot facts generator

Facts Generator

AI generates a fact sheet based on the top SERP results for that search query.

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LongShot listicle generator

Listicle Generator

AI generates list-based content based on your suggestion.

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LongShot Listicle Outline Generator

Blog Outline Generator

AI generates a blog outline for your content. Elaborate on the points using various features to get a blog.

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LongShot Product Review Generator

Product Review Generator

AI generates an exciting product review for you.

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LongShot conclusion generator

Conclusion Generator

AI generates a blog conclusion for your content.

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Local Services Description Generator

Local Services Description Generator

AI creates compelling company descriptions for local businesses.

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Custom AI Template Generator

Custom Template Generator

Create a custom prompt for your specific use case.

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Talking Points

Talking Points Generator

Generate a list of the top talking points for a specific blog subheading.

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LongShot FactGPT


Generate fresh and relevant user-sourced content with citations.

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LongShot instruct AI prompt

G2 Review Generator

Generate quality reviews based on your experience for G2.

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LongShot conclusion generator

Tone Changer

Update your old copies with a click of a button.

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