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Turn Blog into Tweets, Threads, LinkedIn posts, Emails, Summaries, and more, and create a virtually limitless library of ideas with multiple formats and platforms.

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Why Repurpose Content?

As the age-old adage goes, one man's blog post is another man's tweet.

Enjoy Consistency across Platforms 😎

Consistency is the key that unlocks the social media algorithm treasure chest. Transform your long-form masterpiece into snackable bites for your hungry audience, and watch your engagement soar.

Enjoy Consistency across Platforms

Plug and Play Approach 🔌

Talk about an easy setup; simply input your content, select the format, and watch the magic happen before your eyes. It's easier than saying 'Abracadabra.'

Repurpose content with one-click
Plug and Play Approach by repurposing

Share Ideas not just Links💡

Why would you want to dump links targeting to other social platforms if your content is so good? Just repurpose content and share your thoughts with your audience.

Share Ideas not just Links

Make Better Use of Resources📚

Don't know about AI taking away jobs, but it does take away the pain of repurposing content. Watch your online presence skyrocket as you save time, money, and resources by eliminating redundant tasks.

Make Better Use of Resources

Repurpose content in 3 simple steps

LongShot Blog Wizard- Research

Step 1: Input Content

Input relevant content for which you wish to repurpose content.

LongShot Blog Wizard-Headline

Step 2: Select Format

Select the format in which you wish to repurpose content.

LongShot Blog Wizard-Outline

Step 3: Generate

Generate the results in the selected format from the earlier step.

Repurpose Content
Use Cases

Check out the different Repurpose Templates

To Twitter Thread

Repurpose your long-form content into a high quality Twitter thread.

Learn More

To Tweets

Repurpose your long-form content into a series of high quality Tweets.

Learn More

To Executive Summary

Repurpose long-form content into a high-quality executive summary.

Learn More

To QnA

Repurpose long-form content into QnA content.

Learn More

To Promotional Email

Repurpose long-form content into a high-quality promotional email.

Learn More

To Lead Gen Email

Repurpose long-form content into a high-quality Lead generation email.

Learn More

To LinkedIn Long Post

Repurpose long-form content into a high-quality LinkedIn post.

Learn More

To LinkedIn Short Post

Repurpose long-form content into a short and sweet Linkedin post.

Learn More

Here's what our users have to say

Join 20,000+ people who use LongShot to create amazing blogs that rank 10X faster.

We've used all other AI writing tools like Jasper, Rytr, and Copy AI, but we've finally settled on LongShot. The features, ease of use, and superb customer support made this one of the best investments in our marketing stack.

Robin Singhvi, SmartCue

Robin Singhvi

Founder & CEO, SmartCue

I've been using Longshot since it launched, and it has been great. It has been reliable, with good features, responsive support, and regular product updates. It's my go-to long-form copywriting assistant...

Martin Broadhurst

Martin Broadhurst

Marketing Consultant

Easiest AI Writing tool for your agency to create amazing blogs quickly! I love how LongShot will practically write the blog with just a push of a button. It'll give you keyword ideas to "unstuck" your writing and flow. Outstanding tool!

Joseph S Kahn

Joseph S Kahn

CTO, Humjam

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a credit?

A LongShot credit is a token used to generate content and complete research using various features and integrations on the LongShot app. 

Generally, a LongShot credit is equivalent to 50 to 55 words. But that's not all. Every time some content is generated or you conduct research, you consume a certain number of credits.

You can check your credit usage inside your account settings or on the left-hand panel of the app dashboard. 

Does LongShot offer a free trial?

Yes, LongShot offers a free trial for new users. In this free trial, you get access to 100 credits on signup. There's no need to input any credit card details for verification during signup.

If you find LongShot valuable, you can choose any LongShot subscription and access all features and integrations for that plan at $1 for a 5-day trial. Unless you decide to cancel, you can continue with that subscription for that plan.

So, why wait? Use LongShot to generate personalized content today.

Does LongShot offer a refund?

No, LongShot doesn't offer a refund for the purchase.

Upon signup, you get 100 credits for trying out LongShot as a free trial. You can then proceed with the $1 trial (for 5 days) to further assess LongShot's capabilities. And if, at the end of the five days, you feel LongShot is worth the purchase, you can continue with that plan.

After 5 days, your plan credits will reset, and you can start again.

What are the formats that you can repurpose your content into?

Talk about the smartest way to publish more content, you can now repurpose your blogs or articles into different content for different channels.

You can repurpose your content into the following:
- Tweets
- Twitter Threads
- LinkedIn Post (long)
- LinkedIn Post (short)
- Executive Summary
- QnA
- Lead Gen Email
- Promotional Email

Where can I read reviews for LongShot?

Read why more than 45,000 people use LongShot on G2, Capterra, Product Hunt, and Trustpilot.

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