Instruct The AI To Create Any Content With LongShot's Instruct Prompt

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Instruct AI To Generate Content
In 5 Easy Steps


Place the cursor

The first step is to place the cursor from where you want the AI to generate content.

LongShot Instruct AI Prompt step 1

Click on Instruct Me

The second step involves clicking on the Instruct Me feature. This is where you instruct the AI to create content. You can check out some examples, as shown in the image.

LongShot Instruct AI Prompt step 2

Input Command

Inside the Instruct Me prompt box, input the instructions for AI to generate content. As shown in the image, we asked the AI to write about the top 3 places to visit in India for Wildlife Tours and Safaris.

LongShot Instruct AI Prompt step 3

Please wait while AI generates content

Please wait a few seconds while the AI generates the content.

LongShot Instruct AI Prompt step 4

Here's your AI-generated result

AI generates the result based on your instructions. As shown in the image, AI mentions the top 3 places for wildlife tour in India, as instructed.
You can also use a shortcut to access the Instruct Me feature hands-free directly. Use >>> followed by the instruction prompt and press Ctrl + Shift + I to generate content automatically. Ex. >>> Write something about SEO and press Ctrl + Shift + I.

LongShot Instruct AI Prompt step 5

Watch how you can instruct AI to generate content on demand
using LongShot's Instruct Prompt Feature

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