LongShot AI provides you access to integrations that improve functionality while you generate content. Now you can get more out of your content.

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LongShot integrations

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Featured Integrations

When we say we want to be the most comprehensive long-form AI writer, we mean every word of it...

WordPress LongShot integration

Use LongShot's WordPress plugin to generate content inside the WP editor, or export AI-generated content directly on your WordPress blog using Zapier (or a similar integration tool).

Semrush LongShot integration
Semrush (Coming Soon)

Receive data-driven SEO recommendations to help you generate search-friendly long-form content

 LongShot Chrome plugin
Chrome Extension

Rephrase, Summarize, Expand, and Customize content tone on any web page using the LongShot Chrome extension.

Hubspot LongShot integration
Hubspot (Coming Soon)

Publish AI-generated content on the Hubspot CMS directly by integrating it with LongShot.

 LongShot Chrome plugin
Grammarly (Coming Soon)

Review content for spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, etc., to generate high-quality, error-free content.

Hubspot LongShot integration

Detect any content plagiarism concerns and validate content originality using LongShot's Copyscape integration.

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