Use LongShot's Plagiarism Checker To Check Any Plagiarism Concerns

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Check Plagiarism In 3 Easy Steps


Select the text

Select the text you wish to check for plagiarism. When you do that, a prompt appears, as shown in the image.

LongShot Plagiarism Checker Step 1

Select Plagiarism checker

Select the Plagiarism checker option from the prompt, as shown in the image. It will take a few seconds before delivering the results.

LongShot Plagiarism Checker Step 2

See plagiarism results

A box will appear and showcase the results. LongShot uses a Copyscape (gold standard for plagiarism checker) integration to check for duplicate content.
If there is any content plagiarism within your AI-generated content, you'll see the plagiarised content details. You'll see the link to the article and the number of matching words. But if there is no plagiarism concern, you'll get a 'No Match Found' prompt, as shown in the image.

LongShot Plagiarism Checker Step 3

Watch how you can easily check for content plagiarism
using LongShot's Plagiarism Checker

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