Revolutionizing Content Creation: How LongShot AI Empowered the India Today Group with Factually Accurate Content

Learn how the India Today Group (ITG) used LongShot's API to Create Factually Accurate Content Fast.

Introduction: Why Generative AI?

In Today's fast-paced digital world, brands must create engaging and factually accurate content to stay ahead of the competition.

To accomplish this, brands must keep up with the latest trends and techniques and be creative in their content creation. Additionally, they should ensure the content is well-researched and fact-checked, as inaccurate information can damage the brand.

Step up, generative AI tools, the knight in shining armour.

This case study serves as a testament to the power of AI-driven solutions in revolutionizing the content creation process for businesses across industries.

LongShot AI's Generative API has proven to be a game-changer for brands due to its ability to generate high-quality, non-plagiarized content on recent topics, and very high factual accuracy.

This case study explores how the India Today Group leveraged LongShot AI to transform its content production and maintain its position as a leading news provider.

About the India Today Group

The India Today Group is a prominent and highly respected media conglomerate in India, boasting a diverse portfolio of print, television, and radio channels.

Established in 1975 by Vidya Vilas Purie, the group has grown exponentially over the past four decades. The group has a large audience of over 50 million subscribers and over 10 billion annual views, reaching out to viewers, readers, listeners, and subscribers.

With a strong commitment to journalistic and editorial excellence, the India Today Group has become synonymous with trust, credibility, and admiration. Its brands, including India Today, Business Today, Aaj Tak, Care Today, Mail Today, Cosmopolitan, Reader's Digest, and India Today Conclave, command undisputed leadership across various categories.

The India Today Group has consistently focused on upholding the gold standard of journalism, setting the barometer for trust, integrity, and excellence in media across TV, publishing, digital, and other platforms.

Challenges: What happened Before?

Before implementing LongShot AI, India Today Group faced challenges in producing high-quality, factually accurate content at a rapid pace.

With over 50 million subscribers and 10 billion annual views across their print, television, and radio media companies, the pressure to deliver fresh and engaging content was immense.

The content team needed help to keep up with the demand, often resulting in delays and inconsistencies in their output. They were spending a lot of time researching and fact-checking information, which was taking away from their ability to produce high-quality content quickly.

The lack of an efficient content creation process was causing a delay in publishing news stories, leading to a reduction in their audience's engagement.

Triggering Incident: What led them here?

ITG realized its content creation process needed more long-term sustainability, especially with the increasing demand for fresh and accurate content.

They needed a solution to help them quickly and efficiently generate high-quality content while maintaining factual accuracy and avoiding plagiarism.

Rising Action: When we met

ITG started exploring different solutions to their problem and came across LongShot AI, an end-to-end platform designed to research, generate, and optimize content.

Intrigued by its capabilities, they decided to explore the potential of LongShot AI's API to address their content issues.

However, ITG faced some challenges and complications during the initial implementation phase. They had to integrate LongShot AI APIs into their internal content management system (CMS) and train their content team to use the new tool effectively.

Additionally, they were concerned about the AI's ability to generate content on recent topics and maintain factual accuracy.

However, with the support of LongShot AI's team, they overcame these hurdles and fully harnessed the platform's power.

Surprises: The big box

Despite the challenges, ITG made the critical decision to move forward with LongShot AI. They were impressed with LongShot's ability to generate high-quality, non-plagiarized content on recent topics with high factual accuracy.

After testing the API and seeing the results, they were pleasantly surprised by the quality and factual accuracy of the content.

In addition, they believed the potential benefits of using an AI-powered writing assistant outweighed their initial difficulties during the implementation process. They integrated LongShot AI APIs into their CMS and provided training to their content team.

Critical Choices

Despite the challenges, ITG's content team persevered and soon realized the value on offer.

Choosing LongShot AI over other content generation tools was driven by its superior quality, ability to generate high-quality, non-plagiarized content on recent topics, and very high factual accuracy. 

India Today Group decided to use a range of APIs offered by LongShot AI, including 
- One-click blog
- FactGPT
- Instruct Prompt
- Text Extender
- Keyword to Text
- Bullet to Text
- Rephraser, and 
- Paragraph Shredder

The news teams decided to purchase LongShot's Generative API and began using it to create breaking news stories and longer, more in-depth articles. They also used the API to generate and update content for social media and other digital platforms.


The implementation of LongShot AI proved to be a turning point for India Today Group's content strategy.

With the help of LongShot AI's APIs, they were able to create engaging, factually accurate, and original content at an unprecedented speed. This improved their overall content quality and allowed them to stay ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving media landscape.

The improved content creation process led to an increase in audience engagement and retention, which helped ITG maintain its position as a leading media organization in India.

As a result of using LongShot's Generative API, India Today Group was able to publish breaking news stories faster and produce longer, more in-depth articles at a quicker pace.

Recent Wins!

The API has saved them time and resources and has helped them increase engagement and readership, resulting in higher advertising revenue.

The ITG group looks forward to utilizing the API for their news teams across their media companies.

In addition, the success of LongShot AI in their English content creation process has also encouraged ITG to consider expanding its use to other languages in the future.

What do you get with the  LongShot's API?

Learn some of the top use cases offered with the LongShot API.


Create factually accurate content with citations about the topics on the latest events, happenings, etc.

Content Workflows

Choose from a variety of content types, and generate search-optimized content in one-click.

Instruct Prompt

Talk about the king of kings feature; Command AI to generate content as per your instructions.


Maintain your text's original meaning and intent while modifying its wording and sentence structure.

Text Extender

AI elaborates and diversifies text effortlessly by adding more depth and variety to content.

And more...

Improve functionality with AI writing integrations. Learn more about all the available LongShot APIs here.

Enjoy the best AI outputs wherever you work.

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Joseph S Kahn

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access LongShot API docs?

You can access our API documentation here.

What are the different APIs available?

Following are some of the APIs currently available with LongShot:
- FactGPT (for fresh and relevant content)
- Workflows (for 1-click content)
- Instruct Prompt
- Text Extender
- Rephraser
- Keywords to Text
- Bullets to Text
- Paragraph Shredder, and more coming soon.

How do I use the LongShot API on my platform?

Simply book a demo with us and share your requirements about how we can help your better. We'll set you up right away!

Can LongShot create something specific for my business needs?

We love taking on challenges and coming out on top. If you have a generative AI problem, we most likely have the solution. So, please feel free to contact us.

Why choose LongShot AI over other Generative AI tools?

LongShot AI is the perfect solution for those seeking an efficient and reliable generative AI tool to meet their content needs. Here are some reasons why:

1. End-to-end content solution: LongShot AI is designed to research, generate, and optimize content, making it a comprehensive platform for big content marketing teams, content agencies, etc.

2. Fact-checking and references: Unlike other generative AI tools, LongShot AI ensures that your content is fact-checked and provides references and citations, adding credibility to your content and saving you time on manual verification.

3. Customization and personalization: LongShot AI allows you to upload your data to teach the AI, ensuring that the generated content is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

4. Staying ahead with AI in marketing: Embracing AI and using it creatively can help you stay ahead in the competitive marketing landscape. LongShot AI offers a cutting-edge solution that can transform your content creation process and improve your marketing efforts.

5. Overcoming limitations of existing AI: While AI is often monopolized by a few companies and suffers from issues like hallucinations, factual inaccuracy, and staleness, LongShot AI addresses these concerns by focusing on long-form content and marrying customer data, web data, and multiple AI models.

By choosing LongShot AI for your generative AI needs, you can stay ahead in the competitive marketing landscape and create high-quality, fact-checked content that resonates with your target audience.

Wondering about the Security and Privacy?

At LongShot AI, top security and privacy stand as the pillars of our commitment to customers. We understand the importance of safeguarding your intellectual property and personal information, ensuring that our services are designed with these priorities in mind.

Our approach to ownership is clear-cut: while LongShot retains all IP rights to the service itself, our customers possess complete ownership of the outputs they generate using our platform.

LongShot AI is dedicated to preserving customer data for the duration of our agreement or until we receive a written data deletion request. Our privacy principles reflect our unwavering commitment to protecting your information at every stage of content handling. Rest assured, your data belongs to you, and we will never sell it to anyone.

We employ robust encryption measures for data in transit and at rest, ensuring the utmost security for your valuable information. Additionally, our comprehensive privacy policy outlines the steps we take to guarantee the safety of your data.

At LongShot AI, we respect the uniqueness of each user's inputs and writing prompts. We maintain a strict policy against using any user-provided inputs as outputs for other users. Your inputs and content generated through LongShot are exclusively your own, ensuring the originality and confidentiality of your work.

To deliver the best possible content generation experience, LongShot AI utilizes cutting-edge AI models tailored for specific use cases. By partnering with leading AI/ML model providers, we aim to elevate the quality and efficiency of our services, all while keeping your security and privacy at the forefront of our priorities.