AI Writer vs. Freelance Writer — Who’s More Efficient?

September 14, 2022

AI Writer vs. Freelance Writer — Who’s More Efficient?

It’s a question that’s getting increasingly harder to ignore as artificial intelligence technology advances.

While there will always be skeptics and holdouts, businesses looking to get the most value for their money from their online content will most certainly turn to AI to generate articles for them.

AI article writers, for example, LongShot AI, can perform much of what freelance writers can do in a fraction of the time and expense.

Purpose Of Freelance Writers

Despite the limitations outlined here, there are legitimate reasons that freelance content writers are as widespread as they are. They thrive in producing common chunks of writing like blog posts and articles — basic and digestible articles at approximately 1,000 words.

If your business’s content marketing plan largely depends on this sort of straightforward and purpose-built content, then freelancers are typically a cheaper alternative than retaining an in-house writing team.

This is the type of content that an AI writer is targeting: SEO-oriented articles and blog entries aimed to gather a vast quantity of traffic and direct that visitors organically to the company’s offering.

If you are a freelancer who is struggling to manage time between multiple projects and surpassing work deadlines, here is the list of best AI tools for freelancers that can save your valuable time!

Benefits of Using An AI Writer

Benefits Of Using An AI Writer

AI writers are transforming this sector of online content generation in various ways:

1. Generates Content in Seconds

Many AI writers can create full long-form content pieces in minutes by pressing a button. Simply enter the topic of your blog and arrange your topic using subheadings, and the AI will provide a completely formed piece of text a few minutes later.

Compare this to the workflow of a freelance writer. A typical 1,000-word article or blog post will take a freelancer about 4 hours to complete. And that’s if they can locate a four-hour gap in their schedule, which may take days.

Many bloggers assume that the typical turnaround time from when an article is requested and when it is delivered is two days, while the real-time to post is far longer.

Over the course of a prolonged content campaign, using AI writing helpers instead of a freelance writer can save a month’s worth of time.

2. Produce SEO-optimized Content

AI writers excel in producing content that boosts a site’s SEO authority. Simply enter your keywords since AI writers are built to allow it automatically comprehend the emphasis and associated keywords so that it can create entire articles around them.

While humans must make a deliberate effort to locate and incorporate important keywords, AI-generated content is SEO-optimized automatically.

This is because its article writing AI leverages the same deep learning frameworks that Google’s AI uses to find and generate relevant content to a search keyword.

3. Can Speed up Mundane Tasks

For a long time, artificial intelligence has been utilized to assist in content creation. AI can assist you with basic writing chores such as grammar and spelling.

It also has more creative applications, such as helping writers come up with ideas for their next narrative or article.

Weaknesses of Freelance Writers

Weaknesses Of Freelance Writers

1. Speed

Freelancers have long been a go-to source for quick, low-cost writing, but the emergence of AI content writers casts this tradition in a new light.

As previously demonstrated, freelancers are significantly slower than AI writers, making them more expensive.

2. Reliability

Freelancers are likewise significantly less consistent than AI writers. Because they are human beings with lives outside of work, they are susceptible to inevitable life situations impeding their job — sickness, exhaustion, and even jury duty are all potential considerations when employing a human freelancer to manage your content pipeline.

3. Cost

Freelance writers charge by the hour or by the word, and the typical rate for a 1,000-word piece can range from $20 to $1,000. If you have a small-scale business, this might be tough to scale.

The expense of freelancer-written articles may also hinder SEO managers from using long-tail techniques because each piece of content would cost more than it would bring in.

Weaknesses Of AI Content Writers

Weaknesses Of AI Content Writers

All of this is not to say that AI writers are without flaws.

1. Probability of Factual Errors

For one thing, they are not as adept as humans in fact-checking their content. Most AI content writers require the assistance of a human editor to fact-check their work.

LongShot AI’s Fack Checker feature, on the other hand, has made significant progress in this area and can, for the most part, write factually. It isn’t perfect and can be confusing at times, but the development team is constantly updating and improving it.

2. Lacks in Understanding the Brand’s Personality

One issue with AI content generators is that they are incapable of genuinely understanding and implementing a brand’s personality and strategy in the content they create.

They can write natural-sounding text that flows smoothly, but they haven’t mastered nuances like writing for a specific audience or placing their product in comparison to others on the market.

Combining the Powers of AI writers and the Intelligence of Freelance Writers

Collaboration of AI Writer with Human Writer

The appropriate way to address these limitations is to partner an AI content writer with a human content manager — a high-level strategist who can establish clear, relevant goals for the AI writer to achieve.

AI writers can do the majority of the job in achieving such objectives, automatically creating completely formed articles. A human content manager then determines whether to publish the information as is or to improve, fact-check and contextualize it before publication.

When the content is ready, an AI content generator may provide value by speeding and automating the publication process. It can also complete the last steps of a content creation pipeline with minimum human intervention and no wasted time.

There is no question that AI will gain popularity in the future, and it is feasible that it may eventually replace human writers. However, it is vital to remember that AI should not be utilized to replace humans; rather, it should be used as an assistant to create better content.

Wrapping It Up

Nowadays, freelancers have several options to both complete tasks and surpass AI systems. For example, AI writers can develop new content faster and with greater precision than humans alone.

You should reconsider your work and consider how AI will be utilized in the future. When considering what type of content current technology can generate, keep in mind that there are several ways people may find value in AI-generated articles as an alternate source of inspiration.