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Getting Started

LongShot AI Walkthrough

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LongShot AI Blog Editor

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LongShot Integrations

Copyscape- Plagiarism Checker

Semrush Integration

Chrome Extension

WordPress Integration

Custom Integration Using Make

Custom Integration with Integrately

LongShot Features / Use-cases

Content Rephraser

FAQs Generator

Headline Generator

Blog Ideas Generator

Meta Description Generator

Text Extender

Blog Insights Generator

Fact Checker

Content Claim Detection

Headline Intro Generator

Product Description Generator

AIDA Copywriting Framework Generator

BAB Copywriting Framework Generator

PAS Copywriting Framework Generator

FAB Copywriting Framework Generator

Content Readability Improver

Video Description Generator

Sales Email Generator

Paragraph Shredder

Keywords to Text Generator

Bullets to Text Generator

Personalized Content Generator

Write More

Blog Intro Generator

Content Expander

Instruct AI Prompt

Writer's Block Remover

Synopsis Generator

Summary Generator

Bullet Points Generator

Semantic SEO Score Generator

Facts Generator

Listicle Generator

Listicle Outline Generator

Product Review Generator

Conclusion Generator

Local Services Description Generator

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