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Write More AI-Generated Content
In 3 Easy Steps


Place cursor

The first step is to place the cursor from where you want the AI to start generating content. In the adjacent image, the cursor is placed at the end of the second paragraph.

Write More Step 1

Select Write More feature

Once you place the cursor, click on the Write More feature to generate content, as shown in the image.

Write More Step 2

AI generates content

AI generates content based on the context (around 100 words before the cursor). This feature is a supercharger, and you can keep using the feature on and on and on.
If you're using the Write More feature, adding some content in between to help avoid the AI from losing the context is helpful.
If you wish to operate hands-free, use the keyboard shortcut, 'Control + Q', to use the Write More feature.

Write More Step 3

Watch how you can keep generating AI-generated content
using LongShot's Write More Feature

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