5 Top AI Copywriting Tools for Conversion

September 15, 2022

Best AI Copywriting Software to Create High-Converting Copies

High-quality, persuasive copywriting is an essential component of any business's marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, most brands discover that their copy fails to meet their business objectives. Either due to a lack of powerful copywriting software or simply bad copy.

We don't want that to happen to your company. So now we know what makes good copy, how to write good copy, and a review of the best software for research, headlines, and more!

74 percent of website visitors pay close attention to grammar and spelling errors. Furthermore, 59 percent of those users will not purchase from a company that has spelling and grammar errors in their copy.

A personalized CTA with excellent copy performs 202% better!

In a nutshell, these statistics demonstrate that high-quality content can decide whether consumers do business with your brand.

Want to write killer copy that converts? Let's get started with this in-depth review!

What Is an AI Copywriting Software?

It is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence and other essential technologies (such as NPL or GPT-3) to generate various types of content for you. You only need to enter a few seed keywords or sentences to give the software an idea of what you want to create.

When the tool receives the context, it will generate multiple copies of the content in seconds. The best part is that the generated content is highly readable. It almost sounds like a human wrote it.

However, the feature that distinguishes automated copywriting software (in the current marketing and technological scenario) is its ability to create persuasive, engaging, and conversion-oriented marketing copies or content.

Apart from that, there are several other advantages to using an AI-powered copywriting tool. Let's deep dive into them!

What Is the Need for an AI Copywriting Tool?

Here is a list of some of the significant benefits of using automated copywriting software:

1. Prevents You From Writer's Block

It helps in the elimination of writer's block. This is very common among bloggers, marketers, copywriters, authors, and other professionals. You simply sit idly staring at your screen to get an idea hit your mind. However, with the assistance of an AI copywriting tool, you can continue creating content without jeopardizing your overall growth.

If you want to know more in-depth about writer's block, click here.

2. Time-saver

These tools are cutting-edge and effective. They can create multiple copies of the content in a matter of seconds. However, writing the content yourself will take a few hours to write a good copy. As a result, it is safe to say that it saves you time.

However, if you want to learn the art of writing faster without sacrificing quality, you must check out this blog.

3. Saves Money

Apart from time, these tools can help you save money. As business owners, you might often hire expensive writers to create marketing copy. They charge a high price for this service. Copywriting software will do the same job for you at a much lower cost. This will also save you from the hassle of managing a human copywriter.

4. Offers a Wide Set of Features

In most cases, users will use these tools to create blog posts or sales pages for their websites. However, these tools are capable of much more. For example, it can conduct grammar checking, plagiarism analysis, SEO practices, and suggest new ideas.

How Does an Ideal AI Copywriting Software Look Like?

If you're looking for the an AI copywriting software, here is a checklist of features that an ideal software must provide–

  • The software must use artificial intelligence in conjunction with any other compatible technologies to generate better content. The GPT-3 writing model is currently the best technology available for AI-powered copywriting tools.
  • The tool's generated content must be of high quality. It should match or outperform the quality of human-written content. Not to mention that the content should be highly readable.
  • It should be able to generate multiple copies of a single piece of content to avoid duplication issues.
  • The generated content should also be free of grammatical errors. You don't want to spend time proofreading and correcting the content's grammar. The software must be intelligent enough to complete the task on its own.
  • The tool must also be able to generate content in less time. Furthermore, the software should require minimal manual effort to create the content.
  • You should have complete control over the content and the software while creating it. The software should also be simple and not require any technical knowledge.
  • The tool's pricing plans must be affordable and flexible so that it does not put a strain on your budget.
  • Finally, the software must be supported by positive customer feedback and ratings.

Based on these considerations, here is a dedicated list of the best automated copywriting tools currently ruling the market. Let's take a look at each one.

1. LongShot AI

LongShot AI is an AI copywriting tool that will assist you in writing better copy in less time. It's intended to help you with every aspect of copywriting, from brainstorming to editing to finalizing your work. Because of its understanding of grammar and style, it can detect any mistakes you may have made and suggest better ways to rephrase the text.

It writes like a human rather than a machine. This is due to GPT-3 technology, which allows it to comprehend how humans speak and write. This makes it ideal for everything from website copywriting to long-form blogs.

Why Should You Choose LongShot AI?

Here are some of the best features that LongShot AI offers to its users:

  • With its easy-to-use dashboard, LongShot offers a fantastic experience to its users. You can easily create your perfect marketing copies without breaking a sweat. Using LongShot AI, creating any marketing copy takes only seconds.
  • LongShot AI is known for having many standalone features and templates that can be used to generate a large amount of content of various types. It can produce content for over 30 different content templates.
  • Since it supports ten different languages, LongShot AI is used by most communities worldwide. It supports the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Polish, Italian, French, Dutch, and Portuguese.
  • The content generated by LongShot AI contains no grammatical or spelling errors and is free of plagiarism. It generates unique content that meets the needs and requirements of the user.
  • The unique feature that puts it at the number 1 spot on this list is Semantic SEO. The marketing copies that you produce with the help of LongShot are human-friendly and search-engine friendly.

LongShot AI Pricing

Longshot AI follows are 3 stage pricing model which is as follows:

  • Basic: It is the free forever plan provided by LongShot that offers ten credits per day along with access to long-form content generation features.
  • Pro: It costs $29.90 per month and offers 1000 Credits (equivalent to 50-55K words) per month. Under this plan, you can also access the authenticity and fact-check plugins.
  • Enterprise: This plan comes at $89.90 per month and offers unlimited credits and collaborative features.

2. Jasper AI

Jasper, which debuted in 2020, has come a long way to become one of the best AI copywriting tools. Initially, the software was cleverly named after a fictional AI program, Jarvis, similar to the one used by Iron Man in Marvel comics. However, they have moved on from the name, and it is now officially rebranded as Jasper.

Jasper can handle content generation commands from you (via the feature – Boss Mode). These commands can generate any type of content automatically. It also creates content for blog posts, product descriptions, social media, Google ads, headlines, SEO titles, meta descriptions, etc.

Why Should You Choose Jasper?

Here are some of the best features that Jasper offers to its users:

  • You can use this copywriting software to generate copies in multiple languages to target a global audience. The software has recently been updated to the point where it can easily translate content into 26 languages.
  • You will also be able to change the tone of your content. It provides a plethora of tone options, some of which include funny, intelligent, clever, etc.
  • You can generate any type of content via Jasper Commands. This feature is known as "Boss Mode." To use this feature, type a command in the long-form editor such as – "Jasper, write a meta description for me."
  • Jasper also checks for grammatical errors in your content. As a result, it includes a grammar checker to eliminate all mistakes and provide you with perfect content.
  • You can now add an unlimited number of team members to your account. It will allow you to easily delegate tasks among your team members if you represent a content writing team or an agency. You can also create an unlimited number of project folders for different clients.

Jasper Pricing

  • Starter: It starts at $29 per month for automatically generating up to 20,000 words of content per month. You will get access to all 50+ copywriting features and be able to invite an unlimited number of team members. Some advanced features, however, are inaccessible.
  • Boss Mode: To use the Boss Mode or Jasper Commands features, as well as the long-form copywriting tools, you must sign up for this plan, which starts at $59 per month. You will also gain access to advanced features such as SEO optimization, plagiarism detection, Grammarly integration, etc.

3. Writesonic

Writesonic is another top automated copywriting software that employs artificial intelligence. The tool was released at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since most people were working from home, it received a positive response from users.

Writesonic is featured on many high-profile websites, including Entrepreneur, TNW, TechRadar, and others, due to its success and surge in popularity. And as of now, over 10,000 users are using this copywriting tool to create various types of content.

Why Should You Choose Writesonic?

Here are some of the best features that Writesonic offers to its users:

  • Writesonic, unlike other AI copywriting tools, has recently introduced predictive scoring for generated content. This scoring will assist you in determining the quality of content generated and how well it will perform when distributed to your target audience.
  • Writesonic allows you to generate content in 25 global languages to help you convey your message in any language. This is the most effective method for targeting customers based on their geographic location.
  • Writesonic includes a grammar checker to ensure that you leave a lasting impression on your potential customers or subscribers. The feature will automatically detect and prompt you to correct any errors in the generated content.
  • Writesonic analyzes the readability of the text to ensure that your message is correctly conveyed in your generated content. The content is usually of high quality and does not require any changes. If you find the content quality lacking, you can use the readability checker to get recommendations for improvement.
  • While it has many features that appear to be high-tech, using it to generate content is much simpler. First and foremost, you must decide what kind of content you want to create. Following that, you must enter a couple of lines as seed content. And within a few seconds, you'll have multiple variations of that content.

Writesonic Pricing

  • Free Trial: Writesonic offers ten free credits for testing the software. With these free credits, you can create any content.
  • Basic: This plan will cost you $15 per month to use the tool. This plan gives you access to all features but has a monthly credit limit of 100. You can also use its long-form writing assistant.
  • Economy: At the same time, for $25 per month, you will receive 750 credits for content creation and the long-form writing assistant.
  • Professional: The AI copywriting tool has introduced a new plan in which you can get unlimited copywriting credits for $45 per month.
  • Startup: Finally, this plan is designed for businesses or enterprises and will cost you $95 per month. You will get an unlimited number of credits for creating all long-form content. You will also get access to its upcoming features, white labeling, and priority support.

4. Rytr

Rytr is one such AI copywriting tool that has quietly crept its way to the top to compete with other top-tier AI copywriters. The software, like its competitors, is relatively new. Despite this, Rytr includes all of the necessary features and amenities to assist you in overcoming your copywriting challenges.

In terms of efficiency, Rytr is supported by a responsive customer support team and a developer team. In addition, Rytr includes a proprietary AI developed by the team to enhance your copywriting experience. Finally, after using Rytr, your marketing copy will be more engaging and human-like.

Why Should You Choose Rytr?

Here are some of the best features that Rytr offers to its users:

  • Rytr outperforms the competition when it comes to providing a feature-rich set of use cases. Although the number of use cases is slightly lower than its competitors, the developer team is constantly working on launching new content templates with each software update.
  • Rytr allows you to create content in over 30 languages. Languages supported include English, French, Dutch, Chinese, French, German, and others.
  • Rytr, unlike some other copywriting software, offers a simple and convenient way to organize and manage your work documents. This allows you to edit the content later and makes it convenient for your teammates.
  • This copywriter software is one of the few that includes a built-in plagiarism checker. Using this, you will be able to check for duplication once you've generated content copies. Rest assured that all of your Rytr-generated content is unique.
  • If you are a member of or manage a content team, Rytr allows you to invite team members by creating company sub-accounts. Of course, you'd be charged based on the allotted team seats.

Rytr Pricing

  • Free: You can generate up to 5,000 characters per month with this plan, access all templates, use the built-in plagiarism checker, and join the premium community.
  • Saver: It costs $9 per month and entitles you to 50,000 characters, 30+ templates, the built-in plagiarism checker, and membership in the premium community.
  • Unlimited: The final pricing package costs $29 per month. This package includes an unlimited number of characters, access to all templates, a premium community, and a dedicated account manager.

5. Copy.ai

You've probably heard of Copy.ai if you've been looking for and exploring new SaaS applications. This AI copywriter was developed and released in 2020. Its popularity grew over time, and it quickly became one of the most preferred copywriting tools.

Copy.ai is now so effective that it can safely be said that it spoon-feeds you high-converting copy and content ideas. If you start using Copy.ai, you won't have to suffer from writer's block or create a stale copy.

Why Should You Choose Copy AI?

Here are some of the best features that Copy.ai offers to its users:

  • Copy AI employs the GPT-3 writing model to produce high-quality content. It is the third version of a one-of-a-kind language learning model. The software uses this technology to create human-like content quickly.
  • One of the best aspects of Copy.ai is how simple it is to use. Choose the type of content you want to create, enter a few sentences, and click the "Generate" button.
  • Copy AI provides a Chrome extension to make creating content a breeze. Install the extension in your browser and start creating content from all web pages.
  • Apart from traditional content creation, Copy.ai also provides niche-specific features. It includes a Shopify plugin for easily creating product descriptions for all of your eCommerce products. The best part is that it can generate multiple unique copies of descriptions for a single product in a single attempt.
  • Copy AIis a comprehensive AI copywriting tool and includes many built-in tools. With the help of these 90+ content tools, you can create various types of content.

Copy AI Pricing

  • Free: This plan offers you ten credits per month for the next three months. With this plan, you can use any of the copywriting templates.
  • Pro: The monthly fee under this plan is $35. This plan provides unlimited credits, templates, features, and access to the premium community.
  • Enterprise: The final pricing option is the Custom package designed for large marketing teams. It provides access to all available features, customization, and collaboration features.


Whether you're a marketing professional or a busy copywriter, automated copywriting tools can help you scale your content generation and reach your business objectives. They're simple to use and easy to master, and they generate natural, engaging copy to meet your content demands.

Do you also feel stuck on your screen while writing marketing copies?

Now that you've gone through each AI copywriting tool, it's time for you to select one and start using it to generate content automatically. However, given a large number of features, it is possible that you will be unable to select the best copywriter.

In this case, you should sign up for their free trial. All of the softwares provide generous free plans that allow you to thoroughly test the application. You can also upgrade to its premium plans once you are completely satisfied.

If you are short on time, you must check our full-fletched guide on selecting the best AI writer for you!

So, which automated copywriter is your personal favorite? Do mention it in the comments below!