Create Top Talking Points for your Blog Sub-Headlines Instantly With LongShot's Talking Points Generator

Trying to elaborate blog outlines or sub-headings can take a lot of work. You want to write something that people will want to read, but you just can't seem to come up with anything.

With LongShot's Talking Points Generator, you'll be able to create talking points that are both relevant and interesting to your readers.

Moreover, this allows you to save time by quickly generating a list of the most important points to include in your blog subheading.

Just enter in headline and sub-heading, and LongShot will do the rest.

Try it out now and see how easy it is to elaborate blog outlines.

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Generate Talking Points For a Blog Subheading In 4 Easy Steps


Select the Talking Points feature

Open the standalone feature section and select the Talking Points generator in the feature list.

LongShot Talking Points Generator step 1

Select Niche & Input Headline and Sub-Headline

Select the language and a relevant niche based on your headline. After that, input the headline (H1) and sub-headline (H2-H6) for which you wish to generate the talking points.

LongShot Talking Points Generator step 2

Generate Talking Points

Click on the Generate button to generate the top talking points for the specific blog sub-headline.

LongShot Talking Points Generator step 3

Here are your Talking Points

Voila! You get a list of the top talking points based on the sub-headline you input in the previous step. You can copy the talking points, save it, or add it to LongShot's editor.

LongShot Talking Points Generator step 4

Watch how you can easily generate top talking points for
a sub-headline using LongShot's Talking Points feature

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