BAB Copywriting Framework: Strategies & Examples to Inspire Your Next Content Piece

October 10, 2022

BAB Copywriting Framework: Strategies & Examples

As a copywriter, you know the importance of having a solid framework to guide your writing.

You see, in a world where people receive over 5,000 marketing messages a day, how else do you make your message stand out?

One way is to follow the BAB Copywriting Framework created by copywriting legend Bob Bly which provides a step-by-step guide for creating a compelling copy.

BAB Copywriting Framework guides you through the process of creating engaging, inspiring content.

This article will provide an overview of the framework and some strategies and examples to inspire your next piece of content.

Oh, we'll also explore how you can quickly generate awesome marketing copies using the BAB framework.

What is BAB Copywriting Framework and How to Use it in Your Sales Copy?

BAB stands for Before-After-Bridge. 

It's a copywriting framework that revolves around helping someone get from their current situation to the desired situation.

It is based on the principle of providing evidence to support your claims and then using that evidence to make a logical connection (or "bridge") to the reader's desired outcome.

Here's how it works:

  • Make a bold claim or promise in your headline.
  • Back it up with evidence in the form of testimonials, case studies, data, etc.
  • Use that evidence to connect to the reader's desired outcome logically.

For example, let's say you're selling a weight loss program. Your headline might be "Lose 20 Pounds in 30 Days!" 

In the body of your copy, you'd show the before and after state and provide evidence to support that claim, such as testimonials from people who have used the program, before-and-after photos, or clinical data. 

Finally, you would use that evidence to make a logical connection to the reader's desired outcome, such as "You, too, can lose 20 pounds in 30 days!"

The Before After Bridge framework is an excellent way to write persuasive copy because it provides a clear structure for making your case and forces you to back up your claims with evidence.

It's intended to make your product/service appealing to your reader's desires and requirements. This compels them to take the necessary action.

Unlike the AIDA and PAS copywriting frameworks, which focus on interest, desire, and pain points, the before-after-bridge formula emphasizes how the product helps the consumer and how those advantages make them feel.

The BAB copywriting framework is a simple, three-step process for writing effective copy.

Let's explore each abbreviated term of the BAB copywriting framework.

B - Before

First, notify the reader of how significant pain points affect their current circumstances. 

Paint a gloomy image of their present situation so that the reader understands the hardships they are experiencing.

A - After

Tell them what their world would be like if these challenges didn't exist - The Promised Dreamland. 

You must assist them in understanding the difference between the two universes. Also, don't forget to explain the benefits they will derive from this one.

B - Bridge

Finally, present a path, a solution to enable the reader to travel from Before to After. 

A link between two worlds, or possibly a path to the desired place. 

Your product/service serves as a bridge to guide them.

Why has the BAB formula been so successful for marketers?

The BAB copywriting framework encourages you to concentrate on how your product/service enhances your customers' lives rather than the jargon and technical features.

Furthermore, it naturally highlights the benefits rather than a more direct response approach.

As previously stated, the BAB technique prevents you from focusing excessively on what your product does and not enough on how it benefits your customers (which is what they will care about the most).

Furthermore, this copywriting formula prioritizes your customer.

You make their wants and needs the narrative's focus by highlighting their specific problem and presenting a solution. And who doesn't want to be noticed?

Why Does the BAB Technique Work Best for Cold Emails?

Cold emails have lesser conversion rates, so placing the prospective customer in the spotlight makes it more personal and appealing. 

So, the next time you need to start generating cold leads, consider trying BAB copywriting.

The BAB technique avoids the most common flaw in most sales email messaging - benefits vs. features. 

Instead of focusing on the features that you provide, BAB copywriting framework assists you in staying focused on the benefits.

One of the main reasons is that this framework is user-centric and offers a vivid picture (from the current to the desired state) in the reader's mind.

Furthermore, the BAB technique places the front and center of the prospect, making them the 'Hero' of the story. 

Rather than talking about yourself, your product, and how you can help, the BAB technique flips the script and focuses on the prospects, their current situation/pain, and how they can improve this situation.

BAB Copywriting Framework Examples

Here are some of the best examples of the BAB marketing framework that will help you understand it better:

1. LongShot AI - AI Writing Assistant for Long-form Content

Before: Writing long-form content is hard. You get writer's block, your research takes forever, and it's just generally a pain.

After: LongShot AI is the perfect writing assistant for long-form content. It does your research, helps you overcome writer's block, and generate large quantities of quality content in a short time, making content creation a breeze.

Bridge: Join 30K people who use LongShot AI today for their content needs.


Before: Finding the perfect furniture for your home can be overwhelming. Oh, and mind you, the time it takes... you're in for a ride.

After: With the new IKEA app, you can browse through thousands of pieces of furniture and find exactly what you need without leaving your room.

Bridge: Download the IKEA app and start furnishing your dream home with affordable furniture with a tap on your phone.

3. Tesla

Before: Searching for the right car is tough. You want something that's stylish, efficient, and won't break the bank. 

After: With Tesla, you can have it all. Tesla's lineup of cars is not only the most stylish on the market but also some of the most efficient. Oh, and easy on the environment.

Bridge: Come test drive a Tesla today and see for yourself how much you'll love it.

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BAB (Before-After-Bridge) is a copywriting approach centered on the idea of leading someone from a dire circumstance to a better one with the help of your products or services.

Its goal is to make your product or service attractive to your reader's needs and to urge them to take action.

The key to success with the BAB methodology is genuinely understanding your customers' desires for pleasure and the sufferings they seek to ease.

If you're aware of this, you can utilize the BAB formula in your next marketing campaign to abandon product-focused text in favor of benefit-focused language that converts.

Remember, it's critical to pique your prospect's attention right away. They want to know how you intend to enhance their lives before they want to hear all the details.

Generate marketing copies with BAB copywriting framework today!