Plagiarism Remover: A Quick Solution to Originality Issues

May 9, 2024

Plagiarism Remover: A Quick Solution to Originality Issues

Plagiarism is an ongoing issue in academia and professional writing. Whether intentional or not, copying someone else's words or ideas without proper attribution is unethical and can have serious consequences. Plagiarism Remover is a tool that aims to help writers quickly scan their work for unoriginal content and get suggestions for alternative wording. This blog post will explore how Plagiarism Remover works, how to use the tool effectively, the main benefits and drawbacks of the software, and tips for getting the most out of it.

How Plagiarism Remover Works

Scanning and Analyzing Text

Plagiarism Remover uses an algorithm to scan the text you upload and compare it against a large database of web pages, academic papers, and other published works. The tool identifies word-for-word matches between your content and existing sources, as well as paraphrased ideas that are too similar to be considered original.

Flagging Unoriginal Content

Any questionable content is highlighted in your uploaded document. The level of similarity is also indicated so you can quickly see which sections may need to be reworded. Skips or gaps in highlighting show where your work contains original ideas or wording.

Providing Alternative Wording Suggestions

For flagged passages, Plagiarism Remover offers suggestions for how to convey the same ideas in your own words to write authentic content. You can choose to accept or reject these suggestions. The tool aims to preserve the meaning while significantly altering the wording and syntax to create original content.

Using Plagiarism Remover

Uploading Your Content

To get started, you simply upload your document to the Plagiarism Remover website. Supported file types include .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt, and .odt. The upload process only takes a few seconds for most files.

Reviewing the Scan Results

The scan results page highlights all potentially unoriginal content in your work. The level of similarity is shown on a scale from 1 to 100 percent. Any score over about 15 to 20 percent should be reworded to avoid plagiarism issues.

Accepting or Rejecting Suggestions

Next to each highlighted section, Plagiarism Remover provides alternative phrasing suggestions. You can click to accept any suggestion that you like, which will automatically replace the original wording in your document. Or, you can click to reject the suggestion and reword the section yourself.

Exporting the Revised Content

Once you have reviewed and addressed all the flagged passages, you can export your revised document. The new file will contain all the accepted suggestions and any rewording you did yourself. Run another scan on the exported file to ensure no remaining instances of plagiarism before using your content.

Benefits of Using Plagiarism Remover

Saves Time

Plagiarism Remover automates the process of scanning your work for unoriginal content and provides rewording options to curate fresh content. This can save hours of work, especially for long or research-heavy content. The alternative--manually checking your writing against various web and print sources--is extremely tedious and time-consuming.

Improves Originality

By identifying any borrowed ideas or phrasing in your work, Plagiarism Remover helps you strengthen the originality of your writing. Addressing each flagged instance point by point leads to a completely unique end result--even if you started with unoriginal content.

Easy to Use

Plagiarism Remover has an intuitive interface and simple process that nearly anyone can pick up quickly. The tool does the hard work for you, making it easy to improve your writing and avoid plagiarism issues.

Cost-Effective Solution

Plagiarism Remover offers both free and paid subscription options. The free version is suitable for most casual or short-term needs. Paid subscriptions provide access to premium features and support. Either option is an affordable solution compared to the time required to manually check and reword your content.

Potential Drawbacks

May Miss Some Instances of Plagiarism

While Plagiarism Remover scans your work thoroughly, the tool may fail to flag some passages that should be reworded. It is not a perfect solution and manual review is still recommended for the most rigorous plagiarism checks.

Suggested Phrasing May Not Always Be Ideal

The alternative wording provided by Plagiarism Remover will not necessarily match your writing style or intended meaning. You may need to make further edits to create phrasing you are satisfied with.

Free Version Has Limited Features

The free version of Plagiarism Remover only allows you to scan a certain number of words at a time and does not include premium features like grammar/spelling check or integration with Google Docs. For some writers, the paid subscription may be worth the investment.

Tips for Using Plagiarism Remover

Check Your Content Before Uploading

Scan your work for obvious instances of plagiarism yourself before uploading it to Plagiarism Remover. Address anything you catch to avoid wasted time reviewing the results.

Review All Suggestions Carefully

Don't blindly accept the alternative phrasing provided by Plagiarism Remover. Make sure any suggestions you accept accurately convey your intended meaning.

Use Plagiarism Remover Iteratively

For the most thorough results, run your content through Plagiarism Remover more than once. The reworded version may still contain some unoriginal phrasing, so multiple scans and revisions are recommended.

Consider the Premium Version for Longer Content

If you need to scan a lengthy document like a book manuscript or thesis, the free version of Plagiarism Remover may not suit your needs. The paid subscription provides support for much longer content and additional useful features.


Plagiarism Remover is an automated tool that helps writers improve the originality of their work. The software scans your uploaded content for word-for-word and paraphrased plagiarism from webpages and publications. It flags unoriginal passages and provides suggested rewording to address the issues.

Using Plagiarism Remover saves time, strengthens your writing, and helps avoid plagiarism concerns. However, the tool has some limitations to be aware of, like the possibility of missed plagiarism instances or imperfect rewording suggestions.

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With manual review and multiple iterations, Plagiarism Remover can be an easy, affordable solution for writers seeking to develop wholly original content. Overall, Plagiarism Remover is a useful plagiarism checker, but human judgment is still required for the most rigorous results.