Top 5 Plagiarism Checkers for Academics & Pros

May 22, 2024

Top 5 Free Online Plagiarism Checkers for Students and Professionals

Plagiarism is an unfortunate reality that affects both students and professionals alike. Whether intentional or not, plagiarism can have serious consequences like failing assignments, losing credibility, or even legal trouble. To avoid plagiarism and ensure your work is original, it's important to check your writing using a plagiarism checker.

Plagiarism checkers, also known as plagiarism detectors, are automated tools that scan your work and compare it against billions of web pages, academic papers, and other sources to identify any text that matches too closely. They can help catch accidental plagiarism or flag passages that need citations.

While some plagiarism checkers can be expensive, there are also many free options available. Here are the top 5 free online plagiarism checkers for students and professionals.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular free writing assistants. In addition to checking for grammar and spelling errors, Grammarly offers a free plagiarism checker. You can paste or upload your text, and Grammarly will scan it against over 16 billion web pages to check for any copied content.  

Grammarly's plagiarism checker provides a percentage that indicates how much of your text is unoriginal. It also highlights any passages that require citations or need to be rewritten. For students, Grammarly can scan papers against a database of academic sources to catch any unattributed quotes or paraphrased ideas.

While the free version of Grammarly works well for short pieces of writing, students and professionals may want to upgrade to Grammarly Premium for more advanced plagiarism detection and additional writing suggestions. However, the free plagiarism checker is still quite effective at catching most instances of copied or unoriginal content.

2. Quetext

Quetext is a simple but powerful plagiarism checker. You can paste or upload your text, and Quetext will scan it against over 60 billion web pages and academic sources. It provides an overall plagiarism score as a percentage, highlighting any duplicated content it finds.

For students, Quetext also checks against published academic papers and student essays to detect unattributed quotes or paraphrased ideas. It can scan and provide reports for papers in APA, MLA, and Chicago style. Quetext also offers useful statistics about your writing, like word count, reading level, and keyword density.

The free version of Quetext allows you to scan up to 5,000 words at a time. For unlimited scanning and additional features like saved history and PDF uploading, you can upgrade to Quetext Premium. But for basic plagiarism detection, the free version works great.

3. CopyScape

Copyscape is a simple but effective plagiarism detection tool that lets you detect duplicate content and check if your text is original.

You can check or compare content against billions of internet sources to identify any duplicated content.

It highlights passages that match other sources and provides an overall plagiarism score as a percentage. It also gives details about each source that contains similar text. For students, Plagiarism Checker like this one, scans against academic databases to catch unattributed quotes, paraphrased ideas, and other types of unintentional plagiarism.

For more advanced features, you can upgrade to a paid Premium plan which includes unlimited checks, saved history, and PDF scanning. But for basic plagiarism detection, the free version works well for most needs.  

4. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma is another simple but useful plagiarism checker. You can copy and paste or upload your text, and Plagiarisma will scan it against billions of internet sources including web pages, academic papers, books, news articles, and more.  

Plagiarisma provides an overall plagiarism percentage and highlights any duplicated content it finds, displaying the matching source. For students, Plagiarisma checks against school and college essay databases to detect unattributed quotes, paraphrased ideas, and other unintentional plagiarism.

Plagiarisma's free plagiarism checker allows you to scan up to 5,000 words at a time. For unlimited checks and a saved history of previous scans, you can upgrade to Plagiarisma Premium. But for most basic needs, the free plagiarism checker works great for checking shorter pieces of writing.

5. PlagScan

PlagScan is an advanced plagiarism checker used by many universities and professionals. In addition to the paid plans for education and business use, PlagScan offers a free plagiarism checker for students and private individuals.  

With the free PlagScan checker, you can scan up to 5,000 words at a time by pasting or uploading your text. PlagScan checks against billions of internet sources as well as academic essay and paper databases. It provides an overall plagiarism score, highlights duplicated content, and displays the original source of any matched text.

For students, PlagScan's plagiarism checker is designed to detect more subtle instances of unattributed quotes, paraphrased ideas, and plagiarism from non-digital sources. The free version offers basic but comprehensive plagiarism detection for short-form writing. For longer, more advanced checks, you can upgrade to one of PlagScan's paid education plans.


The availability of free online plagiarism checkers has become an invaluable resource for both students and professionals. These tools not only assist in upholding academic integrity but also play a vital role in ensuring originality and authenticity in professional work.

Our list of the top five free online plagiarism checkers offers a range of features and functionalities to cater to diverse needs. Whether you're a student submitting an important essay or a professional working on a critical project, these tools provide a reliable and convenient way to detect and address any potential plagiarism issues.

By utilizing these plagiarism checkers, individuals can enhance their writing skills, maintain ethical standards, and safeguard their reputation. Embracing these free resources empowers users to produce original content and contribute to a culture of honesty and integrity in academia and beyond.