5 Best Product Description Writing Software To Skyrocket Your Sales

July 28, 2022

Best Product Description Writing Software

Building an eCommerce business entails juggling a lot of plates at once. One such thing is writing a product description that connects with the potential customer.

Writing product descriptions is, without a doubt, one of the most significant tasks. And for a good reason. Eighty-seven percent of buyers consider product descriptions "very crucial" in their purchase decisions.

However, constructing decent product descriptions can take a long time for those who struggle when it comes to writing.

If you've ever sat there staring at the blinking text with the cursor mocking you, you've undoubtedly wondered: Is there any other way? Well, there is! 

This is where a product description generator enters the scene.

Product description generators use artificial intelligence to generate high-quality product descriptions in seconds. 

And since there are many such tools, we've got a list of the top 6 product description generators to assist you in decision making. We've gone ahead and separated the wheat from the chaff.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's start the discussion!

What is a Product Description Generator?

A product description is a brief overview of marketing copy informing consumers about the product and why they should buy it.

The product description's fundamental goal is to give consumers vital information, such as features, benefits, pricing, and so on, and persuade potential customers to purchase it.

Since product descriptions are typically associated with eCommerce websites, they are often used beneath or adjacent to your items' photos and names. This way, you may provide information in both visual and written formats.

What Is The Ideal Length Of A Good Product Description?

When creating product descriptions, you should use the utmost caution. For instance, if your descriptions are too brief, your potential buyers will not have enough information to make a purchase.

Simultaneously, if your descriptions are extensive, your shoppers may become overwhelmed by the volume of information. They could quit reading it entirely.

The appropriate length of product descriptions depends entirely on the product's niche. Simpler products, such as apparel and accessories, can have descriptions of up to 200 words. Similarly, technological or complex items such as electrical appliances, laptops, computers, mobile phones, etc., can have product descriptions of up to 400 words.

Though there is no ideal set length for a description. It might be a single paragraph or even a series of bullet points. It's entirely up to you to select the best product description format for your eCommerce webpage. If you're looking at the SEO side of things, you can make the webpage detailed to become searchable.

Best Automated Product Description Generators

Product description generators come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, some are significantly superior to others. Here are 6 of the best to explore in your eCommerce business.

1. LongShot AI 

LongShot AI - best product description writing software

If you're looking for a product description that sells, you can check out LongShot. It is one of the best AI solutions for generating product copies for your website. 

Good product descriptions require a sound knowledge of copywriting fundamentals, which is tedious and time-consuming. 

LongShot addresses this issue by providing a dedicated AI product description generator for creating standout product descriptions. And that's not all. LongShot can also be used as a complete copywriter, creating content for various purposes. 

LongShot AI's multi-useability undoubtedly distinguishes it from its competition. As a result, various marketers, bloggers, and businesses employ LongShot AI to produce all forms of content. 

A few relevant keywords and the product name are all you have to provide for the AI to work with when generating product descriptions.

LongShot AI Pricing

  • Basic: The free forever plan provided by LongShot offers 500 free words (10 credits) per day and access to long-form content generation features.
  • Pro: It costs $29.90 per month and offers 1000 Credits (equivalent to 50-55K words) per month. Under this plan, you can also access the authenticity and fact-check plugins.
  • Enterprise: This plan comes at $89.90 per month and offers unlimited credits and collaborative features.

2. Jasper AI

Jasper AI -top product description writing software

Jasper (earlier Jarvis AI) is another product description generating tool available in the market. Their team puts effort into improving the tool so that it can create efficient product descriptions for eCommerce brands.

Jasper employs artificial intelligence to generate marketing copy and content automatically. What makes Jasper good is that it quickly incorporates essential keywords into your product descriptions to improve SEO performance.

You can use their standalone feature to generate a description by entering the product details.


  • Starter: It starts at $29 per month for generating up to 20,000 words of content per month. You get access to all 50+ copywriting features and be able to invite an unlimited number of team members. Some advanced features, however, are inaccessible.

  • Boss Mode: To use Jasper's Boss Mode or use its Command features, as well as the long-form copywriting tools, you must sign up for this plan, which starts at $59 per month. You will also gain access to advanced features such as SEO optimization, plagiarism detection, Grammarly integration, etc.

3. Rytr

Rytr - product description writing software

Rytr is an AI product description generator that debuted on the internet in April 2021. 

Despite its infancy, it has gathered a clientele of 1,500 content writers, bloggers, advertisers, entrepreneurs, and agencies.

Rytr is essentially an AI writing tool that allows you to produce 20+ different types of content, one of which is a systematic product description creator.

To begin your description generation process, just pick the content type, i.e., product description, select the language and tone of voice, and insert a handful of relevant keywords. You'll have many copies of the description in a couple of seconds.


  • Free: You can generate up to 5,000 characters per month with this plan, access all templates, use the built-in plagiarism checker, and join the premium community.
  • Saver: It costs $9 per month and entitles you to 50,000 characters, 30+ templates, the built-in plagiarism checker, and membership in the premium community.
  • Unlimited: The final pricing package costs $29 per month. This package includes an unlimited number of characters, access to all templates, a premium community, and a dedicated account manager.

4. Copy AI

Copy AI - top product description writing software

They offer a unique product description generator for Shopify and other eCommerce platforms and enterprises. However, it primarily provides a Shopify plugin to assist you in quickly creating product descriptions.

Copy AI uses a GPT3-powered assistant with 18 categories to brainstorm and generate content copies for your webpage. The product description is one such category they offer.


  • Free: This plan offers 2000 words per month and 90+ copywriting templates with unlimited projects.
  • Pro: This plan is for single users and costs $49 per month for 40,000 words credits. It offers 90+ copywriting tools, 25+ languages, and access to the blog wizard tool.
  • Enterprise: It provides a customized plan for business requirements that includes additional team members. The fee is calculated per person and covers everything in the Pro plan, including collaborative capabilities.

5. Anyword

Anyword - product description writing software

Anyword has discreetly impressed countless bloggers, SEO experts, and authors with its blog generation tool. However, the team behind this tool isn't stopping there, as they also deliver a product description generating tool.

Anyword employs T5 and CTRL in tandem with OpenAI's GPT-3 in their content production process. 

You can generate several variants of product descriptions using these advanced technologies and features. To begin, simply submit a couple of phrases to the AI as ideas. Following that, the tool handles all the heavy lifting and creates several product description copies for you.


For Very Small Businesses

  • Free: It offers 1000 words credits per month, some essential copywriting tools, and a dedicated blog post wizard.
  • Basic: This plan comes at $19 per month with 15000 words credits per month and a single seat.
  • Data-Driven: Get 30,000 word credits per month at $99 per month. You can access everything in basic, 25+ languages, different copywriting templates with instant scores, and analytics for your content.

Most Businesses

This is where they offer three plans under the Acquire, Convert, and Engage categories. For more information, you can reach out to them.


When used correctly, product description generators can save you time and money. Hopefully, this list has assisted you in finding the best product description generating tool for your company. 

If you're unsure, you can try the ones that provide a free trial to see if it's what you're searching for. This will help you understand how the tool works and determine if it will meet your needs.

LongShot AI is the go-to option for hundreds of copywriters and marketers and can save you a lot of time and effort. You can check it out today.