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What our customers say

Joseph Kahn

President, Director of SEO, Hum JAM

I love that LongShot AI will practically write the blog article for you with the keywords that you set. Not only will it give you keyword ideas to "unstuck" your writing and flow, but it will also actually write better copy than you could about them with just a push of a button! Outstanding!

Jo Saunders

Keynote speaker, Owner at Wildfire Social Marketing

LongShot AI is an awesome AI tool which takes your idea and transform it into an SEO optimised article. All this can be done within 30 minutes, and then it's up to you to excel your article.

Michelle Jean

Owner at The Uninspired Mom

I usually list my tech stack on my website so potential clients know what kind of tools I use...LongShot has officially been added to the family! Longshot can do more than you know, just have to give it a SHOT.

Binaya Adhikari

SEO Specialist at BINARY IT

I have been using LongShot to help me with my recent blog posts. For the most part, I have to admit that it does a good job. Not perfect, but close enough. I definitely recommend it if you are in need of a helping hand for your content writing efforts. Overall the tool is impressive!

Javier Contreras

Founder at Gourmet Noir

Pleased with the results obtained, saves plenty of time. helps greatly in writing long-form articles thereby, saving a lot of time during the process and it includes keywords, suggestions which are helpful for SEO. In addition, they are constantly adding features such as the fact-checker which make this product even better. I have also seen product review capabilities so, they are actually making short-form article generation also possible.

Martin Broadhurst

Digital Strategist | Owner at Broadhurst Digital

LongShot AI is my go-to long-form AI copywriting assistant. What I like best are - Helpful workflow - Multiple use cases (e.g. headline writer, outline draft, long-form editor, summarizer, etc) - Generous character limits and fair-pricing.

Steve Oglesby

Owner/CEO at Oglesby Digital

LongShot AI is easy to learn with a great support. From a basic idea to a full blog, LongShot does almost all the work every step of the way. And the rephraser takes clumsy sentences and turns them into easy-to-read copy. VERY helpful!

Md Billal Hossain Sarker

Affiliate Marketing Specialist at Authority Aid

LongShot AI is the best AI article writing tool with all in one features. - Very simple User Interface (UI) - Article Optimization - Unstuck Me & Instruct Me feature is just incredible. You can overcome your writer's block problem. - Awesome & Informative Keyword research feature. - Readability & Power Words in Article feature can give you an excellent SEO-optimized article. - Super easy & super speedy support. Very helpful.

Gideon Hanekom

Relationship Blogger

LongShot is an undeniable game-changer. I've created more stuff in a month than I did in a year before I began using it. More than that, it's a free research tool, and once you've figured out how to use it (which is straightforward), you can use it for any project that requires some type of content. I'm glad I signed up for the it. Best decision I've ever made.

Niraj Kumar

A tool that will save you hours and hours of research and writing time. LongShot AI is a real time saver for all the small to large businesses. Don't waste your time and hire copywriters for content creation and try LongShot AI. It is a great tool and will help you to make your content quality and SEO friendly. It will make your business stand out to your customers. It will help you to convert your visitors into your customers.

Nilayan Ghosh

Senior Consultant

LongShot AI is one of the several AI writing tools that I've used. There are a number of aspects that I love about this tool. They are very focused on long-form writing - They are not trying to do too many things simultaneously. Instead, they are trying to utilize all their resources to improve their long-form writer. The workflow is smooth. Kudos to the team. It has the cleanest UI among all such tools that I have used.

Fabio Scacciavillani

Partner at Golden Eagle / Emintad LLC

I find LongShot AI to be highly effective as a writing tool and an aggregator of material on topics


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Nine steps to Irresistible Headlines and...

Coming up with fresh content every day doesn't have to be a drain on time and resources. Use our nine-step guide for a steady flow of ...


Nine steps to Irresistible Headlines and...

Coming up with fresh content every day doesn't have to be a drain on time and resources. Use our nine-step guide for a steady flow of ...


What exactly is a credit?

Credits let you magically generate content and use our other features. Every time some content is generated, a certain number of credits are deducted from your account depending on the type of content (you will always be able to see your current credits from within the app).

Typically, 1 credit is 50-55 words. Or 1000 credits (PRO plan) is equivalent to a decent novel!

Do you have a free trial?

All our plans come with a 14 days free trial; Cancel the plan anytime with just a single click. You will be billed after the trial ends.

What if I need more credits?

You can top up credits for an amount as low as USD 5!

Do we have copyright on the content?

All the content will be owned by you. Use however you want.

Is the content repetitive and or templatized?

No. We use multiple AI engines like OpenAIโ€™s GPT3 as well as our own magic to generate the content - and itโ€™s really rare that the same content be generated twice. We also do not use any template directly so you will see enough creativity & other awesomeness.

I have another question.

Sure, you can always ping us on chat or reach out to us at

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