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Writer's Block Using
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Remove Writer's Block
In 5 Easy Steps


Place cursor

The first step is to place the cursor on where you want the AI to generate content. Next up, head over to the Unstuck Me button, as shown in the image.

LongShot Writers block remover step 1

Click on Unstuck Me

Click on the Unstuck Me button as shown in the image from the first step. A prompt box comes up with a list of keywords.

LongShot Writers block remover step 2

Input keywords or select AI suggestions

You can add up to 3 keywords into the box or select these three from AI suggestions. If a keyword is highlighted green, it has already been mentioned in your content. The red highlight indicates that it has not yet been generated. After selecting the keywords, click on generate to get results.

LongShot Writers block remover step 3

Here's your result

You can check that the AI generates content based on the keywords you mentioned. For reference, check the adjacent image for the highlighted section.

LongShot Writers block remover step 5

Check Unstuck Me prompt

If you check the Unstuck Me prompt, you'll see that the keywords you chose for the AI are highlighted in green, implying that they are now mentioned on your blog. This way, you can input keywords for the AI to generate content and help you remove writer's block.

LongShot Writers block remover step 5

Watch how you can easily remove writer's block
using LongShot's Writer's Block Remover

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