Try LongShot's Listicle Generator To Create Stunning Listicles in Minutes

Only a fool would say no to viral content. And going by the books, one of the easiest ways to go down that route is through listicles.

But how, you ask?

That's where LongShot's Listicle Content Generator enters the scene. It enables you to quickly generate ideas and format your listicles for maximum impact. And as for your readers, they'll get informative and engaging listicles, which keep them coming back for more.

So, now you don't need to spend hours brainstorming ideas or formatting your listicle content.

Simply use LongShot Listicle Content Generator today and watch the AI generate listicle content for you.

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Generate Fresh Blog Ideas And Titles In 4 Easy Steps


Mention topic for Listicle

Input text for the topic for which you wish to generate the Listicle. For instance, we input the text '5 Best Wildlife Tours and Safaris in India' as our listicle topic.

LongShot Listicle Generator Step 1

Select the text for generating a Listicle

Select the phrase for which you wish to generate the listicle.

LongShot Listicle Generator Step 2

Generate a Listicle

Select the 'Create a List' feature and wait for the AI to generate the results.

LongShot Listicle Generator Step 3

Here is your generated Listicle

Here's your AI-generated listicle. You can elaborate on these points using other features like Write More, Instruct Me, etc. If you wish to generate more points for your listicle, you can repeat the abovementioned steps. When you repeat the steps, there might be duplicate results, so be sure to filter them out.

LongShot Listicle Generator Step 4

Watch how you can easily generate a listicle  
using LongShot's Listicle Generator

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