Create FAQs In No Time With LongShot's FAQ Generator

Developing FAQs (frequently asked questions) can be tricky and time-consuming. Also, you may not be sure if you have covered all the bases.

In such a situation, what follows is you poring endless hours over researching customer's questions. That or you could try to come up with questions on your own and hope you don't miss anything important. God help you!

What you need is redemption. You need a question creator to help you create comprehensive FAQs for your blog to help visitors find the answers they need.

With an FAQ Generator, you can easily create a FAQ section for your website with a click of a button. Enough said!

Try LongShot's FAQ Generator today and see how easy it is to create an FAQ.

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Generate FAQs In 4 Easy Steps


Select the Create FAQs feature

Open the standalone feature section and select the Create FAQs generator in the features list.

LongShot AI- FAQs Generator Step 1

Select language & input text

Select the language and input the text for which you wish to generate FAQs and Schema.

LongShot AI- Best FAQs Generator Step 2

Generate content

Click on the Generate button to generate the FAQs.

LongShot AI- Top FAQs Generator Step 3

Here are your FAQs

Voila! You get seven unique AI-generated frequently asked questions related to the topic you shared. You can copy these questions, save them, or add them to LongShot's editor. You can keep generating FAQs until you get the desired results.

LongShot AI- Best FAQs Generator Step 4

Watch how you can easily generate FAQs
using LongShot's Create FAQs feature

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