Say Goodbye to Unfinished Sentences With LongShot's Content Expander

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Expand Content In  Easy Steps


Select the Expand Content prompt

After you select the text, a prompt appears with various options. Select the Expand Content feature to expand your selected content. You can see the image for reference.

LongShot Content Expander Step 1

Wait for results

After you ask the AI to expand the content, generating the result will take a few seconds. The expanded content will be generated at the end of your text selection, as shown in the image.

LongShot Content Expander Step 2

Here's your expanded content

AI sees your selection and expands the content to finish your sentences. If you don't like the generated result, you can undo the existing one and expand the content again. But if you're happy with the result, you can continue from there using other features, like Write More, etc.

LongShot Content Expander Step 3

Watch how you can easily expand content
using LongShot's Content Expander

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