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Generate Content Conclusion
In 3 Easy Steps


Select the Conclusion button

After you have finished writing your blog, you can easily generate the summary by clicking on the Meta / Summary / Conclusion button, as shown in the image. You can find this button on the top of the LongShot editor.

LongShot Conclusion Generator step 1

Choose Conclusion tab

After you click the button, you'll see 3 tabs: Meta, Summary, and Conclusion. Select the Conclusion tab and click on the generate button. You can see that the AI takes some content from your introduction automatically.
AI will take a few seconds before generating a conclusion for your blog.

LongShot Conclusion Generator step 2

Here's your blog conclusion

AI generates a conclusion for your blog, as shown in the image. The conclusion generated is focused on a call-to-action (CTA).
You can copy and paste the same at the end of your blog. If unsatisfied with the results, you can generate a conclusion again.

LongShot Conclusion Generator step 3

Watch how you can easily generate content conclusion  
using LongShot's Conclusion Generator

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