Generate Engaging Blog Intro Using LongShot's Blog Intro Generator

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Generate Your Blog Intro
In 4 Easy Steps


Select the heading

The first step involves selecting the blog heading for which you want to generate an intro. You can check the bold heading in the image for reference.
You can also create a heading by selecting any text or topic and giving it a heading from H1 to H4 before generating an intro.

LongShot Blog Intro Generator Step 1

Select Generate Intro

After selecting the heading, click on the Generate Intro feature on the prompt to create an introduction for that blog.

LongShot Blog Intro Generator Step 2

Input keywords (optional)

After you click generate intro on the prompt, you get this box where you're asked to input any keywords for your introduction. This helps the AI get a better understanding of the context.
It's an optional step; you can skip it to generate an introduction by clicking the button.

LongShot Blog Intro Generator Step 3

Here's Your Blog Intro

Voila! The AI generates an introduction for your blog. You can continue generating content using other in-blog or standalone features.

LongShot Blog Intro Generator Step 4

Watch how you can easily generate intriguing intro for your blog
using LongShot's Blog Intro Generator

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