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LongShot is an AI writing assistant that helps you and your team create helpful blogs that rank on Google.

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Fluent in 8 languages

GDPR compliant

14-day money back

LongShot AI G2 High Performer Spring 2022LongShot AI Product Hunt #2 Product of the day

How can LongShot help?

All in One Tool from Research to SEO

Keyword research can be a pain, but LongShot makes it a breeze. Enter your topic, and the AI will suggest relevant keywords, subheadlines, and questions from top blogs to help you generate content. It'll also 10x your ranking by semantic SEO.

Semantic SEO score- know how well your content works
Keywords clusters
Popular keywords, subheadings from the web
Advanced search based on the country, language

Send Writer's Block on Vacation

The feeling of staring at the screen blankly is not a pleasant one. LongShot allows you to come up with new content ideas constantly. If you're stuck somewhere, the AI is just around the corner to assist.

Blogs, Articles, Books, Web copy, Ads, Sales Emails
Fact-checker and Claim detection
Plagiarism checker
Multiple unique niches

Complete your First Draft in Minutes

By creating a 1000-word blog for your niche, the AI enables you to save 2-4 hours potentially. Simply instruct the AI to research, generate, and optimize your article.

Blog Wizard
Headline generation
Outline generation
Meta description and Summary generator

Collaborate with Your Team on Content Pieces

Tired of dropping emails and messages to find out the content status? Take a look for yourself, or collaborate with your teammates in real-time, just like in Google Docs.

Team mode
Independent project management
Analyze statistics

Words written by AI


Topics researched


Blogs written


Hours saved daily

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How LongShot can help you?

LongShot AI's 40+ dedicated features allow you to create helpful SEO content that gives you visibility on Google.

LongShot Helpful Content

Helpful Content

Create helpful content as per Google's content quality standards.

LongShot Niche Selection

Personalized Content

Select from 15 unique niches to create personalized blogs for your audience.

LongShot Fact Check

Fact Checked Content

Ensure that the content you generate is factually accurate and 100% original.

LongShot Fresh Content

Fresh Content

You can generate evergreen content or content on topics or things that happened recently.

LongShot Long Rephraser

Copy That Converts

Watch the AI do your bidding with marketing copies that sell for themselves.

LongShot Semantic SEO

In Depth Content

10X your SERP ranking by generating topically relevant semantic SEO content.

LongShot Custom AI Template

Custom AI Template

You can create custom AI template for your specific use case or request us.

LongShot Languages

Fluent in 8 Languages

LongShot can read and write content in 8 languages, including Spanish, French, etc.

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Blog Wizard

Create your blog in 5 simple steps

LongShot Blog Wizard- Research

Step 1: Research

Research topic based on the country and language to generate research data

LongShot Blog Wizard-Headline

Step 2: Headline

Generate high-quality headlines at the click of a button

LongShot Blog Wizard-Outline

Step 3: Outline

Generate blog outline using AI or top SERP headline suggestions

LongShot Blog Wizard-Niche selection

Step 4: Niche

Choose from 15 niche categories to generate personalized content

LongShot Blog Wizard-Editor

Step 5: Editor

Use AI to create high-quality content using standalone and in-editor features


Explore Our
Featured Integrations

Too many tools mean too many browser tabs—all that time to publish a single blog. Save time by finding all your favorite content tools in one place.

WordPress LongShot integration

Use LongShot's WordPress plugin to generate content inside the editor, or export AI-generated content directly on your WordPress blog.

Learn More
Semrush LongShot integration

Integrate Semrush with LongShot to research top keywords to geneate high-quality search-optimized content that ranks using LongShot.

Learn More
 LongShot Chrome plugin

Ensure that the content generated by AI is 100% original through Copyscape, which is the gold standard for plagiarism checkers.

Learn More
Hubspot LongShot integration

Export or Import content from your HubSpot CMS directly with a button's click.

Learn More
Ghost integration

Export or Import content to or from your Ghost org CMS directly with a button's click.

Learn More
Medium LongShot integration

Export content to your Medium CMS directly from LongShot with a button's click.

Learn More

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Here's what our users have to say

Join 20,000+ people who use LongShot to create amazing blogs that rank 10X faster.

We've used all other AI writing tools like Jasper, Rytr, and Copy AI, but we've finally settled on LongShot. The features, ease of use, and superb customer support made this one of the best investments in our marketing stack.

Robin Singhvi, SmartCue

Robin Singhvi

Founder & CEO, SmartCue

I've been using Longshot since it launched, and it has been great. It has been reliable, with good features, responsive support, and regular product updates. It's my go-to long-form copywriting assistant...

Martin Broadhurst

Martin Broadhurst

Marketing Consultant

Easiest AI Writing tool for your agency to create amazing blogs quickly! I love how LongShot will practically write the blog with just a push of a button. It'll give you keyword ideas to "unstuck" your writing and flow. Outstanding tool!

Joseph S Kahn

Joseph S Kahn

CTO, Humjam

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