Comparison Post AutoBlog Workflow

Compare products or services for their features, pros-cons, experiences, recommendations, etc.

Creating comparison blog posts can be time-consuming and tedious.

Researching different products, services, ideas, or concepts, collecting data, and formatting the information can take hours of your valuable time.

With LongShot AI's Comparison Post Workflow, you can make informed decisions, understand differences, and weigh the pros and cons of the subjects being compared.

Try it now and elevate your content game to a whole new level.

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How does LongShot AI help in factually accuracy?

Ensure hallucination-free, factually accurate content with references

AI hallucinations can be amusing but lead to misinformation and confusion. And that's where features like LongShot FactGPT and Chat provide fresh, user-sourced content on various topics. And with LongShot's Fact Checker, you can ensure every detail in your content is accurate and up-to-date.


Fact-check anything, including your existing content

LongShot's Fact Checker meticulously scans your content, cross-referencing with credible sources to ensure that every fact is up-to-date. Create content by searching the web or using your own content, get it factually right every time.
AI Fact check


Customize content by ensuring AI learns from your sources

Generate content that resonates with your audience and ranks higher on search engines. AI collects and analyzes data based on your input, adjusting the content and delivery method to suit your needs.
AI checking sources


Why choose LongShot AI?

Seamlessly blend creativity and optimization for exceptional content that resonates with your audience.


Publish Content on Current Topics and Events

"But AI isn't trained to generate content post-2021..."

How about a topic trending less than an hour back? You can easily generate fresh and relevant user-sourced content with citations. Talk about movies, tv shows, sports, gadgets, global events, etc. You'll get everything...

Create Fresh Content

Generate Helpful SEO Content for your Readers

"Isn't this helpful content something that Google keeps on repeating?" Yes, James, you heard it right!

10x your SERP ranking by generating topically relevant user-centric content. Create content based on what users search via People Also Asked questions, and learn well your content answers them.

Check SEO Score

Customized AI Templates for Specific Needs

"Hold on! You mean AI can write for my specific use case?"

You can easily create and share templates that match your workflow and automate them for your specific use case. Share relevant prompts or just give AI an example and ask it to replicate for your use case.

Create Custom Templates

Generate Factually Accurate AI Content

"Oh, look what the AI just generated. It doesn't even make sense!"

Once in a while, an AI tends to generate inaccurate content, which can ruffle anyone's feathers. Not us, though. You share text, and AI tells if the content is factually accurate or not. It also drops links to high-authority websites to support its claim.

Check Content Factual Accuracy

Watch how you can easily generate blog headlines
that convert using LongShot's Headline feature


Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a credit?

A LongShot credit is a token used to generate content and complete research using various features and integrations on the LongShot app. 

Generally, a LongShot credit is equivalent to 50 to 55 words. But that's not all. Every time some content is generated or you conduct research, you consume a certain number of credits.

You can check your credit usage inside your account settings or on the left-hand panel of the app dashboard. 

Does LongShot offer a free trial?

Yes, LongShot offers a free trial for new users. In this free trial, you get access to 50 credits on signup. There's no need to input any credit card details for verification during signup.

If you find LongShot valuable, you can choose any LongShot subscription and access all features and integrations for that plan at $1 for a 5-day trial. Unless you decide to cancel, you can continue with that subscription for that plan.

So, why wait? Use LongShot to generate personalized content today.

Does LongShot offer a refund?

No, LongShot doesn't offer a refund for the purchase.

Upon signup, you get 50 credits for trying out LongShot as a free trial. You can then proceed with the $1 trial (for 5 days) to further assess LongShot's capabilities. And if, at the end of the five days, you feel LongShot is worth the purchase, you can continue with that plan.

After 5 days, your plan credits will reset, and you can start again.

Does Google Penalize AI-generated content?

The answer is Yes and No. Well, if you're generating AI content in one go, the chances of bad content being created go very high. This content is considered spam by Google. You need to guide the AI step-by-step to generate content and assist the AI in creating/curating content for you. This way, you'll generate helpful content that humans and search engines love.

Where can I read reviews for LongShot?

Read why more than 20,000 people use LongShot on G2, Capterra, Product Hunt, and Trustpilot.

Create engaging blogs in 3 clicks that rank on Google.

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