Use LongShot's Chrome Extension on any webpage to Rephrase, Summarize, Generate, or Customize Content Tone in a few clicks.

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Feature Use-Case

LongShot AI Chrome Extension Features


Long Rephraser

Rephrase content for hundreds of words in one go for any webpage, right from your browser. Simply select the text (at least 100 words) and watch the AI rephrase it.

LongShot AI Chrome Extension Long Rephraser

Joom-In Text

After you click the button, please wait for the AI to generate the results. This might take a few minutes.

LongShot AI Chrome Extension Joom-In Text

Joom-Out Text

After the AI generates the results, you can see the number inside the circle. It suggests the number of phrases the AI thinks you should check for factual accuracy.

LongShot AI Chrome Extension Joom-Out text

Content Tone

As you can see (highlighted in pink), the AI suggests results which is deemed to be checked for false claims. You can verify the same using LongShot's Fact Checker.

LongShot AI Chrome Extension Customize Tone

Watch how you can use LongShot's Chrome Extension to Rephrase, Summarize, Customize tone, and Insert text without losing context.

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