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Generate Personalized Sales Emails
‍‍In 4 Easy Steps


Select the Sales Email Feature

Select the Sales Email feature on the LongShot dashboard.

LongShot Sales Email Generator Step 1

Select Language and Input  Recipient and Product Details

Select the language and enter the product or the brand name, recipient name, and the product description/keywords. Select how you want your email to be by choosing among the three copywriting frameworks: AIDA, PAS, and BAB. For this use case, we'll use the AIDA copywriting framework to generate the sales email.

LongShot Sales Email Generator Step 2

Generate Sales Email

Hit the Generate button to generate your sales email.

LongShot Sales Email Generator Step 3

Here Are Your Generated Sales Email Options

Voila! The AI generates multiple sales emails that would absolutely wow your customer. You can copy these results, save them, or add them to the editor. Also, you can try generating results for different copywriting frameworks until you get the best results.

LongShot Sales Email Generator Step 4

Watch how you can generate emails that sell for themselves
using LongShot's Sales Email Generator

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