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The split opinion of outbound marketing vs. inbound marketing continues. Like an epic showdown of two old enemies, one is contrasted against the other as if they are in a fight to the death where the winner will take it all and you are supposed to take one side. But the fact is, Outbound sales works. Let’s see how we can make that work for you!

Let’s look at some facts to see how does Alore CRM stack up against Company Hub?

Lead generation and Contact management

Search Email addresses by name,last name and domain name
Verify email addresses
Search email addresses in bulk
Verify email addresses in bulk
Search for email addresses on LinkedIn
Search for email addresses on Twitter
Search for email addresses on Angel.co
Auto-enrich all prospects
Create deal types
Create deal tags
Create deal stages
Visual sales pipelines

Drip campaign and Email management

Send drip campaigns
Track emails
View conversation history
Personalize email template
View deliverability report
View effectiveness report
View interest report
Analyse campaigns by days of week
Analyse campaigns by hours of day

Document Management

Manage and share documents
Link documents from Google drive
Link documents from Dropbox
Link documents from Box
Track who opens documents

Campaign Automation

Automate campaigns based on user behaviour
No response reminder

Calendar and Schedule Management

Integrate with google calendar
Free calendar
Virtual sales assistant to fix meeting ,events and create notes

Create Sales target and manage performance

Create teams and team leads
Set daily monthly and annual targets
Monitor by drip campaign sent by SDR*
Monitor by calls made ( New Vs Old)*
Monitor by volume of deals ( Created Vs Closed)*
Monitor by volume of deals ( Created Vs Closed)*
Notification in homefeed
Notifications via Email
Log sales calls via Android App

We get that scaling sales is not easy . We have faced it ourselves. And our sole goal is to help you automate all the critical workflows involved in sales, from leads to reports. With no additional effort and resource spent from your side.

We obsess about all things customer success. Every one of our users can vouch for our customer support. Have a look yourself.

With Alore CRM, your complete sales cycle is effortless, efficient, and everything in between.

Plans & Pricing

No matter what stage your business is in, Alore CRM has a pricing plan for you, which grows with you as you scale. Simple pricing, no transaction fees and no hidden costs. Absolutely none!