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The split opinion of outbound marketing vs. inbound marketing continues. Like an epic showdown of two old enemies, one is contrasted against the other as if they are in a fight to the death where the winner will take it all and you are supposed to take one side. But the fact is, Outbound sales works. Let’s see how we can make that work for you!

Predictable revenue, done right

Because sales isn’t always inbound

Inbound marketing is insanely competitive in many markets and can take forever to yield results. Don’t just create content and wait for prospects to come to you. This is why we love outbound marketing. It’s fast, targeted, social, and — if you do it right — enormously effective. Stop Waiting, Start Selling. Don’t Just Set Traps, Hunt With Spears.

We have removed all the drawbacks of the outbound approach with help of technology that makes outbound sales effective and efficient.

  • Stop shooting in dark: reach out to prospects for whom your product or services would matter. Find verified business email address of prospects right within CRM or buy list curated by us.
  • Reach out to potential prospects at scale with drip campaigns; filter out leads by asking right questions.
  • Say no to cold calls. Get on call only when it matters. We call it permission cold calling.

The productive CRM

Because closing deals isn’t the only thing sales teams do.

Each minute that the Sales team spends on repetitive tasks, is a minute not spent understanding prospect and building relationship, a minute not spent on growth.

Fixing meeting, monitoring sales team and creating reports week after week, let alone the end of every month and quarter, tends to be cumbersome.

With Alore CRM, you can fix meetings, monitor performance, record call history and generate multiple reports for all stakeholder.

The CRM with superpower

Don’t just record a connection, but find new ones too

Alore CRM removes the friction from your sales process. It combines the features of CRM with tools to run outbound campaigns at scale — meaning you can spend less time figuring out who and how to reach and more time getting things done. All for the same price.

Sales rep who use Alore CRM achieve around 4x increase in number of qualified leads.

  • Alore CRM is not just a recording and reporting tool. Find out business email addresses of more than 500 million people across the world.
  • Run drip campaigns straight from the CRM.Why pay for another tool?
  • Re-target prospects with our smart campaigns that helps you automate drip campaigns based on user behaviors. For example, you could create a campaign to revive contact with prospects whom you haven’t contacted for more than 90 days.

The CRM with free lifetime upgrades

Never worry about feature upgrades or what you’ll pay

Tired of the sales guys who promise you the world for almost no cost and later sneak those extra line items into your invoice as soon as you are ready to scale?

So were we.

  • That's why when we promise you a price, that's precisely what you'll have to pay us.
  • One flat pricing for everyone that includes every feature including lifetime upgrades, whether you have one contact or millions of contact.
  • No requirement for third-party consultants (who charge around 350/hour on an average) to help you with the implementation.

The CRM with flat learning curve.

Straightforward and intuitive interface

You don't need any certification to use Alore CRM.

With our sales feed, all the information comes to you instead of you searching for the information.

Alore CRM becomes centre of your sales universe with all information coming to you in easy to consume feed format, just as you do on Facebook or Linkedin. Figure things out without breaking a sweat. With no "special" training whatsoever.

The CRM that helps you scale.

Grow sales in reality, not just on paper

We get that scaling sales is not easy . We have faced it ourselves. And our sole goal is to help you automate all the critical workflows involved in sales, from leads to reports. With no additional effort and resource spent from your side.

We obsess about all things customer success. Every one of our users can vouch for our customer support. Have a look yourself.

With Alore CRM, your complete sales cycle is effortless, efficient, and everything in between.

Plans & Pricing

No matter what stage your business is in, Alore CRM has a pricing plan for you, which grows with you as you scale. Simple pricing, no transaction fees and no hidden costs. Absolutely none!