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You bring the API key, we offer the features to generate factual content.
Backed by credible sources
Up-to-date Information
Thorough fact checking

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Bring Your Own Key
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Bring Your Own Key
/ Month
One user (TEAM plan coming soon)
Unlimited credits (you bring the key)
Other models for free
All templates (50+)
All Integrations
Unlimited Projects & Docs
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Bring Your Own Key

AI Tools

FactGPT: Craft content on the latest topics and events
AutoBlog Workflows: Craft factually accurate blog drafts in 3 clicks
Chat: Craft humanlike conversational dialogue backed by verified facts
BotShot: Build a no-code custom AI chatbot in 2 minutes based on your own data
2 Bots
2 Bots

What's Included?

AI Model
Advanced AI models like GPT4, ChatGPT (16k), Claude
You bring your own key for models, like GPT-4, GPT-3.5, etc.
Starting from $19
Starting from $8.25
2,000 monthly credits
Word limit
~ 100,000 words


50+ Templates
Claim Detection & Fact Checker
Upload Content
5 files
5 files


Blog Editor
Unlimited Projects & Documents
Save, Export, and Publish blogs
Number of Users
Analytics Dashboard
Team Collaboration


Ghost org Integration
Medium Integration
WordPress Plugin
Custom Integration using Zapier, Make, etc.
HubSpot Integration
LongShot Chrome Extension
Copyscape Plagiarism Checker
200 checks
200 checks


LongShot Community
Guides and Tutorials
Email Support
Priority Support

Here's what our users have to say

Join 50,000+ people who use LongShot to create amazing blogs that rank 10X faster.

We've used all other AI writing tools like Jasper, Rytr, and Copy AI, but we've finally settled on LongShot. The features, ease of use, and superb customer support made this one of the best investments in our marketing stack.

Robin Singhvi, SmartCue

Robin Singhvi

Founder & CEO, SmartCue

I've been using Longshot since it launched, and it has been great. It has been reliable, with good features, responsive support, and regular product updates. It's my go-to long-form copywriting assistant...

Martin Broadhurst

Martin Broadhurst

Marketing Consultant

Easiest AI Writing tool for your agency to create amazing blogs quickly! I love how LongShot will practically write the blog with just a push of a button. It'll give you keyword ideas to "unstuck" your writing and flow. Outstanding tool!

Joseph S Kahn

Joseph S Kahn

CTO, Humjam

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Bring Your Own Key?

A working OpenAI API key is required to set up your LongShot account, and users pay directly to OpenAI for token usage for factual content generation.

After connecting, users get access to all features and integrations that LongShot offers. Basically, users bring their own content generation credits (tokens), and LongShot offers features for generating long-form and short-form content.

Note: If you create a new OpenAI account, you might not have access to GPT-4. This would limit your access to some LongShot features. In such a case, you might need to upgrade your OpenAI account and wait before OpenAI provides access.

Check this video for reference:

Where can I get an OpenAI API Key?

You can purchase the key from OpenAI by signing up with OpenAI at

How do I connect my OpenAI API key with my LongShot account?

You can easily connect your OpenAI API key post-purchase with your LongShot account.

Step 1: Generate a new secret OpenAI API key

Step 2: Copy-paste the key on your LongShot dashboard to connect.

What language models can I connect?

You can only connect LongShot with an OpenAI API key that offers language models like GPT-4, GPT-3.5, and GPT-3.5 Turbo.

Please note some LongShot features need access to GPT-4 to generate content. If your account is new, you might not have GPT-4 access, preventing you from using certain features.

Check this video to learn which languages your OpenAI API account can access.

Note: If you want access to Cohere or additional SERP credits, do let us know.

How and where is my OpenAI API Key stored securely?

At LongShot AI, we greatly prioritize the security of your OpenAI API key. Rest assured that we take the protection of your data seriously and have implemented the necessary measures to keep it safe.

To ensure the utmost protection, we implement the following measures:

Encryption: Your OpenAI API key is encrypted securely following industry-standard approaches before being stored in our secure database.

Access Control: LongShot's access controls are top-notch and strictly limit API key access to only authorized team members with administrative privileges. This ensures that we maintain a high level of security and minimize any potential risks.

Regular Security Audits: LongShot ensures the safety of your OpenAI API key through regular security audits that evaluate the efficacy of our security measures and pinpoint any potential vulnerabilities. This guarantees the integrity of our storage systems and the protection of your key.

Strong Data Handling Policies: LongShot follows rigorous data handling protocols to reduce the likelihood of data breaches and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information, which includes the protection of OpenAI API keys.

You can confidently use our services for your business needs, as we are committed to keeping your data safe and secure.

Why does LongShot act differently than something like OpenAI's ChatGPT when given the same prompt?

LongShot also uses similar models but may provide different answers for the same prompt. This is because LongShot customizes its model to generate output for different use cases that might be more relevant to the users. You get automatic templates that generate output for different use cases.

You don’t need to write prompts for generating content whenever you wish to generate content. Use readymade templates to generate content.

Is LongShot faster than ChatGPT or ChatGPT plus?

LongShot might take a few more seconds for generation, but it still has a fast response time for long-form content. But that doesn’t matter as much as the quality of the LongShot-generated content output is second to none.

Do I have to pay for OpenAI ChatGPT Plus to use LongShot?

No. ChatGPT Plus is a subscription plan for ChatGPT users and has nothing to do with you using LongShot.

You need to generate an OpenAI API Key and connect the same to LongShot. When you generate content on LongShot, you'll consume certain credits (tokens) for using different LongShot features/templates.

Each template uses certain Open AI models like GPT-4, GPT-3.5, etc. And based on this usage (of credits), you'll be charged by OpenAI.

You can find more information about the same here:

What's the fastest way to learn how to use LongShot?

The fastest way to learn LongShot is to check out LongShot's YouTube playlist, or check out our helpdesk page to get answer to all your queries.

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