Personalized chatbot trained on your data to quickly answer user questions

Build a no-code custom AI chatbot in 2 minutes based on your own data or custom knowledge sources and add it as a widget to your website or CMS, and interact with it to get hallucination-free information.

99.9% Uptime
GDPR Compliant
24*7 Support

Create your No-Code Custom AI ChatBot in 3 clicks

Creating your no-code custom chatbot trained on your data is as easy as it sounds.

1: Configure Bot

In this step, you need to customise your bot according to your brand, and add your website URL.

2: Choose Source

Select one of the 4 relevant knowledge sources available: SERP, File, URL, and Domain.

3: Generate Code

Based on the earlier steps, generate your script, and copy-paste it on your website to enable the bot
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Benefits of LongShot BotShot

From creating factual content to detecting factual inaccuracies to using your sources.

LongShot for Factually Accurate Content

Ensure hallucination-free, factually accurate content with references

AI hallucinations can be amusing but lead to misinformation and confusion. And that's where features like LongShot FactGPT and Chat provide fresh, user-sourced content on various topics. And with LongShot's Fact Checker, you can ensure every detail in your content is accurate and up-to-date.


Fact-check anything, including your existing content

LongShot's Fact Checker meticulously scans your content, cross-referencing with credible sources to ensure that every fact is up-to-date. Create content by searching the web or using your own content, get it factually right every time.
AI Fact check


Customize content by ensuring AI learns from your sources

Generate content that resonates with your audience and ranks higher on search engines. AI collects and analyzes data based on your input, adjusting the content and delivery method to suit your needs.
AI checking sources


Learn how LongShot AI Empowered the India Today Group with Factually Accurate Content

Here's What Folks are Saying...

Join people who use LongShot to create amazing blogs that rank 10X faster.

We've used all other AI writing tools like Jasper, Rytr, and Copy AI, but we've finally settled on LongShot. The features, ease of use, and superb customer support made this one of the best investments in our marketing stack.

Robin Singhvi, SmartCue

Robin Singhvi

Founder & CEO, SmartCue

I've been using Longshot since it launched, and it has been great. It has been reliable, with good features, responsive support, and regular product updates. It's my go-to long-form copywriting assistant...

Martin Broadhurst

Martin Broadhurst

Marketing Consultant

Easiest AI Writing tool for your agency to create amazing blogs quickly! I love how LongShot will practically write the blog with just a push of a button. It'll give you keyword ideas to "unstuck" your writing and flow. Outstanding tool!

Joseph S Kahn

Joseph S Kahn

CTO, Humjam

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LongShot BotShot?

LongShot's BotShot is a no-code AI custom chatbot builder that trains on your data. You can add it as a widget to your website or CMS and interact with it to get all the information.

With BotShot, you can develop an advanced AI chatbot in minutes, even if you don't have coding skills or tech expertise. Register now and get started here.

What do you mean by a no-code chatbot?

A no-code chatbot is a conversational bot that can be created without writing lines of code. This is made possible through no-code chatbot builders, like BotShot, which focuses on helping businesses create conversation-driven chatbots that enhance customer engagement and user experience.

How to create a Bot with LongShot?

You can create an interactive no-code Chatbot with LongShot in 3 easy steps.

1. Configure your BotThe user simply needs to input configuration details like the Bot's name, description, welcome message for the reader, website domain (if any), and brand colors. 

2. Add knowledge source to your BotNext, the user must select a knowledge source for the Bot among the SERP, own content (file), external URL, or domain.

3. Save your Bot and copy the scriptOnce that is done, simply save your Bot and copy and paste the generated script.

So, with the help of an embedded script, you can effortlessly craft your very own AI chatbot and integrate it into your website within minutes.

Which language models does BotShot use?

The OpenAI GPT-4 language model supports LongShot's no-code BotShot.

Can I customize my chatbot?

Yes, you can easily create your custom chatbot without coding using BotShot in 3 simple steps.

You can do the following to customize your ChatBot

1. Input the name of your Bot and its description
2. Add a Welcome message for users
3. Input your website domain
4. Input relevant brand colors 

Does the Chatbot require previous coding experience?

Setting up traditional chatbots used to require complex coding. But with advanced AI chatbots like BotsShot, there's no need for coding, and it only takes a few minutes to set up from scratch.

Simply create your ChatBot in 3 steps and paste the code on your website to get an interactive ChatBot today. And that's how a no-code bot works...

How many Bots can I generate?

At the moment, you can generate 5 Bots using LongShot's BotShot.

What all knowledge sources can I add to my Bot?

You can choose your knowledge source from among these 4 options.

1. SERP (Based on top Search Results on Google for user queries)
2. File (Based on user's own content)
3. URL (Based on the user's selected URLs)
4. Domain (Based on the user's suggested domain)

How do I add the BotShot-generated custom code on my platform?

After you configure the Bot and add knowledge sources, you can save your Bot and generate a script that you can simply copy and paste on your website to add the ChatBot.

How are my credits calculated for BotShot?

It's the same as the normal credit generation. The only difference is that where you use credits to generate content inside the app, with BotShot, your users will consume those credits to generate answers. So, whenever someone uses the Chatbot on your website or platform to ask questions, they'll consume credits to get answers.

How many URLs or Domains can you add in BotShot?

You can configure and add 5 URLs or Domains, each as a source for your chatbot.

Ready to create your own no-code custom AI Chatbot?

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