PAS Copywriting Framework: Strategies & Examples to Inspire Your Next Content Piece

October 8, 2022

PAS Copywriting Framework generator

Do you experience an uphill battle to make your content stand out?

Are you having trouble getting clicks on your emails or conversions on landing pages?

If so, the PAS copywriting framework works great for generating excellent copies that sell.

So, if you want to enhance any piece of communication aimed at getting people to take action, the PAS copywriting framework will provide you with the structure and sequence you need to achieve your goal.

Once you've finished reading this blog, you'll have a very effective method for communicating with your audience. 

It will also help in motivating them to act - without having to be a professional copywriter.

What is PAS Copywriting Framework and How to Use it in Your Sales Copy?

PAS stands for Problem-Agitate-Solution. It's a popular framework for formulating persuasive messages.

The PAS copywriting framework is customer-centric. It makes the customer the focal point for the whole process. This is one of the reasons it works so well because it compels you to consider your audience's point of view. 

Try putting yourself in your readers' shoes. You must understand problems from their point of view. You can easily accomplish this by discussing a problem they are experiencing.

PAS copywriting framework works well because humans are strongly motivated to avoid pain.

Everyone wants the pain to go away.

People are more inclined to spend money on pain relievers than on vitamins. Sure, in the long run, the vitamin might make more sense. But you're not going to make an effort to take one every day. When you wake up in pain, call the doctor, look for the heating pad, pop the Advil, and hate your life until the pain disappears.

You want to avoid pain more than you want to improve your situation. Some would argue that they prefer to avoid pain over seeking pleasure.

With this as your premise, you begin your copy by emphasizing the pain.

P - Problem

It is critical to understand your audience's problems to write copy that elicits a response. That is the essence of what good copywriting accomplishes.

The more vividly you can depict the pain, the more clearly you demonstrate your comprehension of it. 

When someone reads your copy, they should feel you are listening to their internal voice.

And that puts them on the fast track to trust you.

A - Agitate

Stirring things up is the next phase in the PAS copywriting technique.

You've recognized a source of pain. 

You must now make it more painful by making it more emotional. This is when you rub salt into the wound you just exposed.

The key is not to become very agitated. Don't let your reader sit and cry. Show them the opportunity to escape from that pain.

S - Solution

This is where you get to improve everything. 

It's the moment when you unveil the solution. This solution will be the remedy your audience has been searching for.

Experts appreciate employing this copywriting method because it compels you to focus on a big-ticket pain problem for the audience you're writing to and delve deep into the emotions surrounding it.

This approach aims to get your audience to think, "That's absolutely how I feel, and I'm damned sick of it!"

Your copywriting conveys to readers that you are there to resolve their problems.

Why is the PAS Copywriting Framework So Effective?

Most of the time, people will act to avoid pain rather than to gain a benefit. This is basic human psychology.

Perry Marshall, an online marketer extraordinaire, states in his book 80/20 Sales and Marketing that a message about problems can generate 3 to 10 times the response about the company or the product.

He claims that the PAS framework's effectiveness in motivating people to act is because when you talk about problems, you are essentially "reading people a page from their own diary," tapping into core emotional drivers.

If someone has a persistent problem, they think about it a lot, most of the time negatively. 

When you call out your readers' problem, you capture and direct their attention to the problem, laying the groundwork for your solution.

PAS Copywriting Framework Examples

Many small brands struggle to create messaging that feels genuine and personable enough to resonate with clients. 

This is why LongShot AI created PAS Copywriting Framework Generator, an excellent copywriting framework that helps you communicate like the most successful entrepreneurs.

Here are a few examples of the PAS copywriting framework:

1. LongShot AI - AI Writing Assistant With SEO

Problem: Writing can be a pain, especially when you're unsure what to say or how to say it. Writer's block, eh?

Agitate: With so many choices to make and ways to say things, it's easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated.

Solution: LongShot AI is a writing assistant powered by GPT-3 that helps you write SEO-optimized content quickly and easily.

2. Notion - Online Workplace That Improves Productivity

Problem: Trying to get work done but feeling constantly distracted and disorganized.

Agitate: Every time you sit down to start working, you can't find what you need, and you waste valuable time.

Solution: Notion is an all-in-one workspace where you can write, plan, collaborate, and get organized - so you can get your work done and feel good about it.

3. Rank Math - WordPress SEO Plugin

Problem: Are you tired of your blogs not ranking as high as you'd like?

Agitate: Searching for the best tools to help you with SEO is a pain. You're unsure which thread to follow when there are so many threads, and they all look the same.

Solution: Rank Math is a search optimization plugin used in WordPress to analyze websites' SEO performance.

What Makes PAS the Best Copywriting Framework?

Once you get your reader's attention, going into detail about the problem - the agitation step - is the most effective method to do three vital things.

  • It allows you to demonstrate that you understand your readers' struggles. You've been where they are, and doesn't it stink? It also indicates to your reader that you are not afraid to discuss and bring some unpleasant emotions to the surface. Empathizing with your reader is one of the quickest and most reliable ways to establish trust.

  • Discussing a problem and describing it in detail demonstrates that you understand where your reader is coming from, rather than simply saying, "I feel your pain." 

  • Describing a problem in detail shows that you have given it a lot of thought, and because you clearly understand it so well, you must have thought of a solution. Because of how you give the problem dimension, you subtly position yourself as the expert. If you can describe another person's problem better than they ever could, they will instantly assume you have the solution. Isn't it fascinating?

That is why the "agitation" component of the PAS framework is so important. It provides your audience with a context to consider their situation. It also allows you to frame your product or service as the ideal solution for them.

If you're interested in learning about some more copywriting formulas, you must read about the AIDA copywriting framework!

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By now, you might have a clear understanding of the PAS framework. Along with that, this post also shared some ideas for using it in your content pieces.

You've also seen that it's easy to implement as it's based on scientifically proven psychological triggers. 

So you don't have to be a professional copywriter to make it work.

Therefore, you can apply the PAS framework in virtually any context, market, or media. The framework is all about driving action. Therefore, it's ideal for getting people to do something that brings them closer to making a purchase decision.

Use it to drive clicks on PPC ads and social media shares or to entice readers to read your blog post, and you can't go wrong with longer marketing pieces like case studies.

So, get started today! Use the PAS framework to improve engagement, click-through rates, and conversions for your content.